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A steady foundation in engineering and technology is integral to the purpose of nation building. As infrastructure and machinery continue to define the status of nations, formal education on the field becomes a key catalyst for progress.

With this in mind, the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) envisions its graduates to become competent and responsible citizens who are committed to the highest ethical and professional conduct with social consciousness and environmental awareness that empower others as an agent of meaningful advocacies. Guided by the Lasallian values of Faith, Zeal and Communion, the college participates meaningfully in the process of social transformation and nation building by forming God-centered, people-oriented, and patriotic graduates who serve as responsible, honest and professionally competent stewards of creation.

Purposes and Objectives
  • To become the leader in technology-based education in the country.
  • To produce knowledgeable and professional graduates through its upgraded curriculum, effective instruction, hands-on learning experiences and industry linkages.


The College conforms to the institutional policies for admitting freshmen. Particularly for BS Architecture, freshman applicants should pass the skills assessment interview that would be conducted by the Department Chair.


A student who intends to shift to any of the programs of the College should have a GPA of at least 80% (or 2.0 in the numerical grading system) and pass the interview and qualifying examination conducted by the Dean/Chair or his/her designate.


Applicants should pass the interview conducted by the Dean of the College and the college entrance test administered by the Institutional Testing and Evaluation Office, and meet other requirements that may be set by the college. A transferee shall be placed on probation for one semester. If he/she performs well in academics and manifests satisfactory behavior, transferees would be considered "regular status" the following semester.

Standard Policy and Requirements for Shiftees and Transferees

A shiftee/transferee from other colleges and/or universities may be qualified for admission to any of the programs offered by the Engineering Department of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology provided that:

  • There is an available slot.
  • He is of good moral character.
  • He has not taken more than 50% of the total number of units of his respective course from another college.
  • He should have at least a GPA of 2.00 or its equivalent from other universities.
  • He should pass the interview and the qualifying examination conducted by the respective program coordinator.
  • He should pass the college entrance test administered by the Institutional Testing and Evaluation Office.
  • He should be placed under the PROBATIONARY STATUS for one year. A waiver provided by the CEAT should be signed by the student and his/her guardian prior to enrolment.
Crediting of Subjects

All major subjects taken from other universities with the same number of units and description with the program offered by CEAT will be credited provided that the university from which they have enrolled to is at least a Level 2 accredited school.

Major subjects taken from a non-level 2 accredited schools will be credited only if the transferee passed the verifying examination given by respective program coordinator for each major subject to be credited.

Leave of Absence

A student who could not enroll in the current semester should file a leave of absence with the Office of the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. The application for LOA must be endorsed to the respective program coordinator and the Department Chair by the respective adviser.

A student who failed to file a leave of absence will be given PROBATIONARY STATUS for one year upon his return; that is if there is still an available slot.

Support Staff

  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BSArch)
  • Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (BSCpE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering (BSECE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering (BSIE)
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
  • Bachelor of Science in Sanitary Engineering (BSSE)
Graphics Design and Multimedia Department
  • Bachelor of Multimedia Arts (BMMA)
CEAT Graduate Studies
  • Master in Architecture (MArch)
  • Master of Engineering Major in Civil Engineering (MEng-CE)
  • Master of Engineering Major in Electronics Engineering (MEng-ECE)
  • Master of Engineering Major in Industrial Engineering (MEng-IE)

Short Courses
  • CEAT Computer Aided Design School (Creative Program)
    In Partnership with QualiCADD Training Center
    • Certificate in Computer Aided Design

The College strives to be a leading institution in Engineering, Architecture, Technology and Graphics Design and Multimedia education through offering relevant academic programs, research activities, and community extension services.

With its up to date laboratory equipment and facilities, the faculty members, students and staff can conduct innovative research and experiments, both basic and applied that strengthen the academe and industry linkages.

Through the research output, the College establishes itself as potential partners of the government for national economic and development, and the conservation and preservation of the environment.

Keeping in line with the vision of College, “to response to the needs of the Church and the Nation for human and Christian education particularly the youth at risk”, and Institutional Research Thrust , the primary objective of the research activities is to address through innovation, some of the specific needs of the community in province of Cavite .

The College research activities focuses on establishing the following areas : comprehensive management of various types of waste (solid waste, air emission, hazardous waste and wastewater) , development of alternative renewable energy resources, potential production of natural products from indigenous sources, mitigation technology of climate change, quality and supply assessment of water resources, disaster risk management, evaluation and design of drainage system and flood control facilities, evaluation of area traffic management using advanced modeling software , evaluation of earthquake hazard in Cavite and product development in applied technology.

Student Organizations and Activities Download
Full List of Activites pdf

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CEAT Organizational Structure pdf

Guided by the Lasallian values of faith, zeal and communion in service, the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) in coordination with Lasallian Community Development Center (LCDC), is at the forefront of building partnerships with communities in Cavite that are in need of support in achieving social awareness.

The college adopted Barangay Tua in Magallanes, Cavite as the target beneficiary of its different outreach program and activities.

Download List of Community Outreach and Extension Service Activities

College Brochure


College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology
CTH 114 Building
DLSU - Dasmariñas
Cavite, Philippines 4115

For questions and inquiries:
email the CEAT Secretariat

Cavite +63 (46) 481.1900 local 3049
Manila +63 (2) 779.5180