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Campus Ministry Office (CMO)

With the grace of God, we, in the Campus Ministry, hope to appropriate for the DLSU-D community the ecclesial experience of the first Christian community who "devoted themselves to the apostle's instruction and communal life, to the breaking of the bread and prayers (Acts 2:42ff)."

By association, through meaningful and dynamic experiences, community building activities and various means of evangelization, we shall journey together towards becoming a people of God in our campus. Come and see!


A Christian community living out the Lasallian core values of Faith, Zeal for Service and Communion.


To animate and accompany the DLSU-D community towards an experience of being a Church in Campus

Our Logo

The DLSU-D Campus Ministry envisions itself as a dynamic organic structure aptly symbolized by the sun. The core is composed of the Cross which represents God as the center and source of all its undertakings and mission; and the Lasallian community living-out the core-values of Faith, Zeal for Service and Communion. As such, the heart of the ministry is God and the people represented by the Lasallian community. From the core which is the source of energy, the ministries emanate, penetrating the various sectors of the larger community. Hopefully, these ministries will become vehicles of growth, renewal and transformation.

The Worship (Leitourgia) Ministry

This ministry aims to provide meaningful, relevant, inculturated and dynamic liturgical celebrations and devotional practices, especially the Holy Eucharist. It commits itself in ensuring that Lasallian spirituality and mission are integrated in all celebrations to help "deepen the understanding and internalization of the Lasallian Core Values of Faith, zeal in Service, and Communion in Mission" across all sectors of the DLSU-D community (Philippine Lasallian Family Convocation 2008, Strategic Intents and Capability Building Measures, p.38).

The Fellowship (Koinonia) Ministry

This ministry provides opportunities for the members of the community to participate in the life of the Church through community building and faith sharing activities. It commits itself in ensuring the integration of Lasallian identity and mission in these activities in order "to encourage the formation of small self – sustaining groups, focusing on growth and Lasallian Spirituality through prayer, faith sharing and ministry" (2008 PLFC, SI and CBM p.40)

The Vocation Ministry

This ministry aims to accompany the members of the DLSU-D community "to create, strengthen and sustain a culture of vocations where each person is invited to discover his/her calling through the cultivation of formative relationships" (2008, PLFC, SIF and CBM p. 36) with special emphasis on the promotion of Lasallian Vocations.

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; pray therefore Lord of harvest to send out laborers into the harvest." Luke 10:2

by the Friends of St. Benilde

Most loving and gracious God,
s Help the men and women of our Lasallian community
to hear the call to serve your church
our needs are great and your people thirst for your presence.

Open the hearts of many to respond to the call
of becoming faithful servants of the Gospel –
dedicated holy priests, religious sisters and brothers,
single men and women who will spend themselves
for Your people and their needs.

Bless all married couples with rich faith
And children that desire to serve You.

Through the intercession of St. Benilde
our Lasallian apostle for Vocations,
may we make of our lives a response
to Your call and to live in the path you have laid out for us.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Glory be to the father, and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit
As it was in the beginning
is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen.

St. Benilde Romancon.. Pray for us!
St. John Baptist De La Salle… Pray for us!
Live Jesus in our hearts… forever!
FRIENDS OF ST. BENILDE are students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni who volunteer and are willing to:

  • Pray for the different vocations in the Church using the "Prayer of the St. Friends of St. Benilde" daily.
  • Do daily sacrifices for the increase of Lasallian vocations
  • Assist the Campus Ministry Office in the promotion of vocations among members of the DLSU-D community by actively encouraging those who exhibit the qualities and virtues they admire in priests and religious to consider a religious or priestly calling from God; inviting them to consider joining the Club for support and sharing.
  • Participate in the activities sponsored by the Vocation Ministry throughout the year and encourage others to join.
Download Membership Form – Friends of St. Benilde Vocation Club

The Research and Communication (Kerygma) Ministry

This ministry proclaims the message of Jesus Christ to the community by gathering, organizing and disseminating information about the Christian faith to strengthen the community's zeal for service and bring about communion in mission. It commits itself to "strengthen the integration of the Lasallian story, core values and education for vocations" (2008 PLFC, SI and CBM p.38) in all its programs and initiatives.


"Lasallian Prayer Bites" is a monthly prayer guide prepared by the Campus Ministry Office to assist our DLSU-D community in their growth in understanding Lasallian spirituality, identity, and mission as we celebrate the 100th Year of the Lasallian Presence in the Philippines. This can be used in different classes, offices and departments during prayer meetings and fellowships.

Church W.A.V.E.S. is the official publication of the Campus Ministry. This quarterly publication seeks to promote a greater sense of communion among the members of the DLSU-D community by means of printed media. It aims to assist the faith formation and facilitate the spiritual growth of the community through articles, messages, reflections and prayer guides that provide catechetical instruction and spiritual upliftment in view of evangelization.

Retreat and Recollection Ministry

This ministry provides all students with spiritual formation through retreats and recollections. Its programs respond to the goal of holistic formation which takes into consideration the cultural, spiritual and developmental growth of the students. Moments of silence, prayer, reflection and sharing are provided so that the students may better understand who they are and find God's presence in their experiences.

Nature of Ministry

"Lasallian education is a mission and ministry at the service of God, the Church and society directed toward integral human and Christian development and liberation." As part of the De La Salle Philippines system, De La Salle University – Dasmarinas, shares in the mission "by participating meaningfully in the process of social transformation." This is realized through the holistic formation being given to its students, an integral part of which is in the area of spiritual growth and development.

The DLSU-D Campus Ministry as a dynamic and organic structure aims to provide religious programs for the community which will lead to growth, renewal & transformation. To concretize this vision, CMO, through the Retreat and Recollection Ministry provides all the students with spiritual formation through retreats and recollections. It has designed a Retreat and Recollection Program that will respond to the above mentioned goals and objectives which considered the cultural, spiritual and developmental growth of the students. Moments of prayer, reflection and sharing are provided so that the students may reach a deeper understanding of who they are and find God's presence in their experiences.

In response to the challenges set in the document "Guiding Principles of the Philippine Lasallian Family" which speaks of the "process of formation as enabling persons to acquire vision, values and attitudes and practices that support collaboration with God's creative and redemptive action in the world," these Retreat and Recollection modules have been designed to facilitate the students' annual encounter with God, based on the theme for each year level, with a gradual deepening of the Lasallian core values of faith, service and communion.

Recollection & Retreat Modules

Every Retreat and Recollection is a SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTER with GOD, meant to be a venue for silence, prayer, reflection and renewal. These Retreat and Recollection modules envision each recollection to be a special moment, each year, which would hopefully facilitate this meeting with God, so as to bring about transformation. A true spiritual experience brings about change in values, attitudes and convictions, rendering persons more "Christ-like" - this is the heart of all the goals and objectives of the Retreat and Recollection Program.

The Retreat and Recollection modules of the DLSU-D Campus Ministry "TAGPUAN: Encounters at the Well" takes its Biblical foundations from the Gospel of St. John, the transforming encounter between Jesus and the Samaritan Woman (Jn.4:4-42). It is in the light of this passage from Sacred Scripture that each module has been designed so as to facilitate the gradual revelation of God in Jesus Christ at every year level. The Biblical construct is central to the deepening of the Lasallian core values of faith, service and communion and the strengthening of Filipino attitudes of "kalooban", "Ugnayan", "damayan" and "tipanan". Hopefully, the spiritual experience at each year level will quench the students' inner thirst for meaning and fullness of life, which is offered by Jesus Himself, the source of life-giving waters.

At the end of the recollection, the students / participants will be led to:
"Kalooban" (First Year)

Experience God's loving presence in their identity as Persons and Christian-Lasallians created in the image and likeness of God through silence, prayer, reflection and sharing.

"Ugnayan" (Second Year)

Experience God's loving presence in human relationships and the revelation of His mysteries (joys and sorrows, hopes and aspirations, light and darkness) through silence, prayer, reflection and sharing.

"Damayan" (Third Year)

Experience God's loving presence in their lives and in the communities where they belong in the spirit of "damayan" through silence, prayer, reflection and sharing.

"Tipanan" (Graduating Students)

Integrate their experiences in the context of silence, prayer, reflection and sharing that will lead them to a covenant with God in keeping alive the values of Faith, Zeal for Service and Communion.


All bonafide students of De La Salle University-Dasmariñas are required to attend 3 recollections and 1 retreat for 4 & 5-year courses; 1 recollection and 1 retreat for 2-year courses. Be reminded that this recollection/retreat is a spiritual exercise.

Note: Transferees with residency of two years or below must attend 2 Recollections and 1 Retreat.

Important schedules:
  1. Registration starts at 6:15 a.m. in the University Chapel. Registration is an essential part of the Recollection / Retreat schedule because the signed registration lists serves as the official document containing the names of participants, for legal and documentation purposes. During registration, the following are to be done:
    • Duly signed Parental Information should be personally presented. Students who fail to present their signed parental information sheet will not be allowed to join.
    • Signing of registration lists
    • Distribution of recollection/retreat ID
    • Students who fail to register on time will not be allowed to join.
  2. Departure and Arrival:
  3. For Recollection: Departure time is 7:00 a.m. Expected time of arrival in DLSU-D, 5:30 p.m. of the same day. For Retreat: Departure time is 7:00am. Expected time of arrival in DLSU-D, 5:30 pm. of the following day.
  4. Transportation is always provided in every recollection / retreat. Being brought to or fetched along the way to the recollection/retreat venue is not allowed.
  5. Note: Upon going home from Recollection/Retreat, the students are allowed to be
    • sent off along the way to their homes/dormitories.
    • For the scheduled Recollection and Retreat, students belonging to their official block section from the Registrar are entitled to join.
  6. Students without prior notice and valid reason for the absence will be given another schedule provided that he/she pays the amount of P200 for the reservation fee and bus rental. A receipt of payment from the accounting office shall be required for this purpose.
    • Recollection and retreat fee must be consumed within the school year, otherwise such payment will be forfeited.
  7. DRESS CODE: Students scheduled for the recollection/retreat are expected to observe the dress code prescribed by the University during "wash days."
  8. A student who is under medication or who has symptoms of sickness or pregnant may be allowed to join the scheduled recollection/retreat provided he / she present a Medical Certificate to the Campus Ministry Office before joining their scheduled date of recollection / retreat.
  9. The recollection/retreat house is an extension of the school, any misbehavior committed will be dealt with accordingly based on the student handbook.
  10. For further inquiries, please call (046) 416-45-31, local 3032 or proceed to the Retreat and Recollection Ministry, 3rd floor, Bell Tower, University Chapel.
Download : Parental Information Form

CMO Family

Rev. Fr. Mark Anthony T. Reyes
University Chaplain

Dr. Jose Arvin I. Gacelo
Director, CMO

Ms. Diana Jean "Dian" S. Roque
Coordinator, Retreat and Recollection

Mr. Vincent Paul Alaman
Secretary, CMO

Mr. Abraham "Baam" Hipolito

Office Associate, RRM

Fellowship Ministry

Mr. Fernando "Dindo" L. Cabalsa
In – charge, Altar Servers

Mr. Roemer F. Delos Santos
In – charge, Usher/Usherettes and Collectors

Ms. Maria Gracia "Grace" A. Olorga
In – charge, Music

Mr. Ronante "Ron" M. Angeles
In – charge, Lectors and Commentators

Vocation Ministry

Mr. Fernando "Dindo" L. Cabalsa

Kerygma Ministry

Ms. Maria Gracia "Grace" A. Olorga
Ms. Rio R. Mazo
Mr. Ronante "Ron" M. Angeles

The Campus Peer Ministers are students who grow and mature in their faith through character building, living the Gospel values, and developing a Christian lifestyle in the spirit of Faith, Zeal for Service, and Communion.


The Co – Animators of the Campus Minsitry are our Faculty and Staff volunteers who offer their time and talent to serve the different ministries of the Campus Ministry so as to live the experience of being Church in Campus.


The Spiritual Formation Committee assists the Campus Ministry in the implementation of its faith and formation programs and activities. They meet regularly to coordinate and share spiritual development and initiatives for mutual support and cooperation.

Liturgical Services

Mondays-Fridays - 12:00 nn
Saturday - 5:30 pm (Anticipated Sunday Mass)

Mondays-Fridays - 11:00 am

1st Friday of the month 11:00 am

DEVOTIONALS (11:30 am):
Our Mother of Perpetual Help - Wednesdays
Sacred Heart of Jesus - Fridays

Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays 30 minutes before the Mass

Prayer of Dedication to the Lasallian Mission

In Celebration of the 100 Years of Lasallian Presence in the Philippines

Most loving and faithful God of our journey, we come before Your holy presence, You who have sent Jesus Christ our Lord to be our Savior and the Holy Spirit to lead us in wisdom and to guide us in all things: As we celebrate the centennial of Lasallian presence in the Philippines, we commit ourselves to the Lasallian mission of providing a human and Christian education to the young, making service to the poor as priority. We desire to be agents of transformation in our society today as we carry out our work of education, evangelization, promotion of peace, justice and integrity of creation. In all our undertakings and in our dealings with people, may we constantly uphold the Lasallian core values of faith, zeal for service and communion in mission, so as to bring to fulfillment the good work You have begun in our founder St John Baptist De La Salle.

Together, we promise to move towards the future with renewed vigor and creative fidelity so as to be attentive to the plight of the youth and the poor You have entrusted to our care.

We believe that through You, with You and in You is the fulfillment and realization of our Lasallian dream . Amen.

Sa Pagdiriwang ng Sandaang Taon ng Presensya ng mga
Lasalyano sa Pilipinas

Kaibig-ibig at tapat na Diyos ng aming paglalakbay, dumudulog kami ngayon sa Iyo, Ikaw na nagsugo sa aming Panginoong Hesukristo upang aming maging Tagapagligtas at sa Banal na Espiritu upang pangunahan at gabayan kami sa lahat ng bagay, nang may karunungan.

Habang ipinagdiriwang namin ang sentenaryo ng presensya ng mga Lasalyano sa Pilipinas, itinatalaga namin ang aming mga sarili sa misyong Lasalyano na maglaan ng makatao at Kristiyanong edukasyon sa mga kabataan, lalo na sa mahihirap. Nais naming maging mga alagad ng pagbabago sa lipunan habang tinutupad namin ang gawain ng edukasyon, ebanghelisasyon, pagpapalaganap ng kapayapaan, katarungan at karangalang pantao. Sa lahat ng aming mga gampanin, lagi sana naming itaguyod ang mga pagpapahalagang Lasalyano: pananampalataya, sigasig sa paglilingkod at pakikipagkaisa sa misyon, upang maging ganap ang mabuting gawang Iyong sinimulan sa aming tagapagtatag na si San Juan Bautista De La Salle.

Sama-sama, kami'y nangangakong susulong sa darating pang mga panahon nang may panibagong sigla at katapatan upang maging mulat sa kalagayan ng mga kabataan at mahihirap na Iyong ipinagkatiwala sa amin.

Nananalig kaming sa pamamagitan Mo, kasama Mo at sa Iyo lamang ang kaganapan at katuparan ng aming Lasalyanong pangarap. Amen.


Campus Ministry Office
3F Antonio and Victoria Cojuangco Memorial Chapel of our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel
DLSU - Dasmariñas
Cavite, Philippines 4115

For questions and inquiries:
email us at CMO Secretariat

Cavite +63 (46) 481.1900 local 3032 or 3069
Manila +63 (2) 779.5180

Liturgical Services

after Angelus


Wednesdays and 1st Friday, 11:15 am – 12:15nn


Tuesday – Friday, 12:30nn – 1:30pm
Saturday, 5:00pm – 6:00pm