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For concerns, queries or feedback, you may email the respective office that takes care of your specific needs/concerns. Reach the in-charge by clicking the email below.

Concerns in: Email
Admission admission@dlsud.edu.ph
Accounting mtvelante@dlsud.edu.ph
Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo aklatan@dlsud.edu.ph
Alumni portal alumni@dlsud.edu.ph
Online Enrollment sadu@dlsud.edu.ph
Other Enrollment matters avalvaran@dlsud.edu.ph
Examinations kmmalonzo@dlsud.edu.ph
Grades gpsantiaguel@dlsud.edu.ph;
ICT Helpdesk helpdesk@dlsud.edu.ph
Network / Internet connection helpdesk@dlsud.edu.ph
Registrar phgatpandan@dlsud.edu.ph
Class Schedule avalvaran@dlsud.edu.ph
Schoolbook rmruben@dlsud.edu.ph
My.DLSUD portal sadu@dlsud.edu.ph
Webpage web@dlsud.edu.ph
College of Business Administration and Accountancy mmmagayones@dlsud.edu.ph
College of Education dugagasa@dlsud.edu.ph
College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology esmendoza@dlsud.edu.ph
College of Tourism and Hospitality Management crvisperas@dlsud.edu.ph
College of Criminal Justice Education afdausan@dlsud.edu.ph
College of Liberal Arts and Communication aeleyba@dlsud.edu.ph
College of Science and Computer Studies lgreyes@dlsud.edu.ph
Office of Student Services maalavaran@dlsud.edu.ph
International Students kdmojica@dlsud.edu.ph
CBAA Graduate Studies jigonzales@dlsud.edu.ph
COED Graduate Studies msabiador@dlsud.edu.ph
CLAC Graduate Studies bepuzon@dlsud.edu.ph
CSCS Graduate Studies lgreyes@dlsud.edu.ph