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Project ICON

Project ICON (ICT Creates Opportunities for Nature) is an initiative of the Information and Communications Technology Center (ICTC) and the Environmental Resource Management Center (ERMaC) to encourage the donation of old and obsolete IT equipment to the project for environmentally sound management practices. Initially, ICON aims to create an awareness on the impact of the fast pace of technology (surfacing and release of new gadgets) and the volume of IT waste (import/export of surplus goods in the country, etc.) so proper measures can be observed to mitigate its damage to Mother Earth.

In order to achieve this, the project is designed with a three-pronged approach starting with an information campaign on the virtue of proper e-waste disposal and health hazards posed by e-wastes; as an environmental drive to ensure that these wastes are properly reused, recycled and destroyed by authorized dealers; and as a fund raising drive to support the One Million Trees and Beyond project of De La Salle Philippines.

The project supports DLSP's goal to minimize carbon emissions from Lasallian schools nationwide. High carbon footprint adversely affects the environment and is the primary culprit in climate change. ICON seeks to plant more trees which absorb carbon emissions and significantly curbs its ill effects on Nature.

  • IMAGE BUILDING. The program seeks to show the Lasallian Community that the ICTC is not merely concerned about the technical services it provides to students and employees of the university. This program aims to highlight the department’s proactive stance towards caring for the environment.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS. With the lack of knowledge about the ills of mismanagement of E-wastes, the project seeks to promote information about the subject in order to encourage the students to bring in E-wastes stocked in their households, or donate old gadgets to be reused or recycled.

  • LINKAGES. The project seeks to strengthen the linkages between the ICTC and the ERMaC, which is the environmental arm of the university. In the future, partnerships with the city government environment office may also be considered to further spread the message and ideals of ICON.

  • SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY. The project seeks to mobilize the Lasallian community (students and employees) in planting trees which could help minimize carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment starting with the support of the One Million Trees and Beyond Movement. The project also seeks to encourage members of the ICTC to plant seedlings that are bought by the ICTC through funds generated by the program to illustrate the commitment of the office to the ideals of the project.

E-waste and E-cycling


is the process of recycling the components or metals contained in used or discarded electronic equipment, or E-waste.

Why E-cycle?

Improper disposal of E-waste can pose serious damage to public health and the environment due to toxic chemicals such as cadmium, lead and mercury found in technological wastes E-cycling addresses the rapid rate of obsolescence in the technology industry. The measure helps minimize pollution and provides a sustainable alternative to dumping E-waste in landfills. It helps salvage valuable materials from E-waste such as metals and copper.

(Source: new Zealand Government Ministry of Environment/ http://www.wikipedia.org)
What constitutes E-waste? http://tv.about.com/od/hdtv/qt/e-waste.htm

How Project ICON works
  • Students/faculty/staff donate E-waste to Project ICON
  • Team ICON inventories items
  • Accredited partner purchases items from ICON
  • Proceeds of sale are used to purchase seedlings for tree planting drives in areas identified by ERMAC under the One Million Trees and Beyond Project of DLSP


Projects Year Location
Mangrove tree planting
(1,250 seedlings)
2011 Calatagan, Batangas
Tree Planting of fruit bearing species (345 seedlings) 2012 Mt. Palay Palay, Ternate Cavite
E-waste Seminar with ERMAC and Greenpeace 2012 Alumni Auditorium, DLSU-D
ICON Run (ITakbo Mo, ITatanim Ko)
161 participants
2012 DLSU-D
ICONtributed! ICT Week 2012 DLSU-D
E-waste Seminar Year 2 with ERMAC and City Government of Dasmariñas 2013 Alumni Auditorium, DLSU-D
Donate to Win cellphone donation drive in partnership with iRayton 2013 DLSU-D
Mangrove tree planting
(1,000 seedlings)
2013 Lian, Batangas
E-waste collection 2011-present DLSU-D


Team ICON is open to partnerships with organizations with same ideals. Shoot us a line if you have any great ideas.
Name Position/Contact

Jonah Dave Mendez

Overall Chair/ jcmendez@dlsud.edu.ph

Wynne Angelynne Chui

Co-Chair, Linkages /wochui@dlsud.edu.ph


  • ERMAC. The Environmental Resource Management Center (ERMAC) is the office responsible for the initiation, implementation, supervision and evaluation of all the university’s programs and policies together with its compliance to national government standards related to environmental management and safety, pollution control and disaster risk reduction. The office is also tasked to monitor construction projects in line with the University’s campus development plans and manages the DLSUD Botanical Garden-Park.

  • Project Carbon Neutral. The main objective of Project Carbon Neutral or PCN is to benchmark and assess the status of the carbon footprint of De La Salle Philippines (DLSP), the network of Lasallian educational institutions, with the goal of achieving a “green” educational network that is carbon-neutral or better.

    At the end of SY 2010-2011, the schools will have a clear picture of how much carbon dioxide each generates from its activities and how much of the carbon dioxide generated are offset by other activities.

    This will provide data and information from which administrators could decide which carbon dioxide-reducing activities it would undertake to do its part in addressing this global issue. It would also provide, by aggregating the individual schools’ carbon footprint data and information, an aggregated picture DLSP’s carbon footprint.

  • iRayton Networks. iRayton Networks Inc. is positioned to provide a cost effective, custom information and communication technology solution for any need that may arise. Our experience and established relationships in the market allow us to offer solutions that combine a selection of best-of-class products with premium services at the lowest overall cost.

    In 2013, iRayton donated the major prize for the Donate to Win cellphone collection drive of Project ICON which enabled the center to encourage students, faculty and staff to donate their old and broken mobile phones and tablets for e-cycling.

  • Creative Technologies Inc./ Netplay. Since Creative Technologies, Inc. or CTI was founded in 1991, we have become one of the leading suppliers of total automated solution to major companies in Metro Manila. The company has established a reputation for total service and support for microcomputers, and software services.

    In 2013, Creative Technologies signed a partnership agreement with Project ICON and donated old servers from their company.

  • Kaizen Internetworking. The Company's name kaizen (is a Japanese word for "continuous improvement") the word refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small manufacturing activities and business activities; a method that strives toward perfection by eliminating waste. It eliminates waste by empowering people with tools and a methodology for uncovering improvement opportunities and making change.

    Since the first ICT Week in 2010, Kaizen has been actively supporting the advocacy of Project ICON through sponsorship and promotion. In 2013, the company pledged to further support the cause by donating its used servers, and promised to donate more electronic wastes pulled out from its other clients.

  • Teodoro Construction Corp. Aside from undertaking the construction of the new ICTC Building in 2010, Teodoro Construction Corp. has been an avid supporter of Project ICON through the donation of the ICON box situated at the main lobby of the ICTC office.

    The firm also supported the ICON Run in November 2012, and donated funds to plant 300 mangrove seedlings through Team ICON in March 2014.


Information and Communications Technology Center
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For questions and inquiries:
email us at Project ICON

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