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Welcome to the IT Help Page! Maintained by the Information and Communications Technology Center, this page shall help you out in the most common queries you have about IT operations, encounters, procedures and concerns. University personnel and students could see right at their stations how to transact online, how to post events, what steps to take to get what is needed, and what to do with most common glitches if there are any. So feel free to browse over and look for the items that you need to know. With IT Help Page, you could be an empowered IT user which this community ought to be.

Concerns Local Contact Person Location
Helpdesk 3225 Ms, Jhanine Folmes 1F, ICTC Building
Technical (Installation, Configuration, Maintenance, Troubleshooting of computer units) 3195 Mr. Sonny Adriano 1F, ICTC Building
University Website (posting of news, events in the university website and updates of webpage ) 3232 Ms. Antoinette Montoya 1F, ICTC Building
Network and Communications
(Telephone, Internet Connection)
3129 Mr. Ramir Rodriguez 1F, ICTC Building
Creation of portal and email accounts, WIFI Inquiry 3230 Ms. Rina Rodriguez 1F, ICTC Building
Online Services (my.DLSU-D portal,Online Enrollment, Faculty Loading, Online Submission of Grades,others) 3231 Mr. Jonah Dave Mendez 1F, ICTC Building
Schoolbook 3280 Ms. Arlynne Awayan Room 313, CTHM Building
Policies Download
IT - 007 Intranet Policy pdf
IT - 010 Policy on the Use of Internet Service pdf
IT - 011 Policy on the Use of DLSU-D Email Account pdf
IT - 021 Violation of IT Policies pdf
IT - 028 Access Control and Password Security pdf
IT - 031 Guidelines on Requesting Additional Internet Connection pdf
IT - 034 Preventive Maintenance pdf
IT - 036 Policy on IP Camera pdf
IT - 039 Database Backup Policy pdf
IT - 048 Computer Equipment Transfer Procedure pdf
  • How can I secure an email account?
  • Faculty, staff and students should come to the ICT Center to apply for an email account, likewise, a portal account. Simply bring your ID and registration form, for students.
  • What is a group mail and who could apply for it?
  • A group mail is an email account owned by a group through which persons belonging to the said group receive common mails from certain senders. Samples of which are: (for all administrators), (for USC officers) and (for all ICT personnel). Faculty, committees and recognized student organizations can apply for a group mail.
  • How can I apply for a group mail?
  • Prepare for a list of names of your group/committee, plus their dasma email accounts. Do visit the ICT Helpdesk at ICTC Building.
  • Who gets to read a mail I send to the official group mail?
  • All members of a committee or group get to read the mail you sent through the group mail. For instance, if you send a mail to, the OSS dean, all directors and in-charge under the said office shall receive and read your mail. It is then recommended that you send the mail to the email address of the person you intend to read the mail.
  • Should the group mail be updated?
  • Absolutely. Transition in groups, committees and set of officers is either every semester or after a school year. So, for security and confidentiality of official documents, the one who applied for the group mail or his successor/representative should update it. The ICT Helpdesk will assist you with this. Just take with you an updated list.
  • How can I protect my account from spam?
  • Spam is inevitable these days. To protect your email account, ignore or do not reply to fraudulent email messages if you receive one especially those that ask your username and password.
  • What is the attachment limit of the Office 365?
  • You can attach up to 8 GB.

There will be no more need to apply for WIFI access for DLSU-D students, faculty and staff.

  • STEP 1: Search Networks
  • STEP 2: Connect to DLSU-D
  • STEP 3: For first time users, drop by the ICTC Helpdesk. For those who already know the password, key in the password to get access to get WIFI access.
  1. Who could use the online job request?
  2. Department Head, Secretaries and Clerks of Departments are the users of online job request.
  3. How could I get an account?
  4. Visit Network and Communications Unit at ICT Center for an account activation.
  5. What jobs can be accommodated through Online Job Request?
  6. Requests for this system should be school property and technical in nature, to be specific, concerns on hardware, software, network and telephone. Usual requests made are hardware and software installation or repair, internet connection issues and telephone issues. Requests will be addressed by the Technical Unit and the Network Unit.
  7. Can I monitor the status of my request?
  8. Yes. You can view whether your request is pending or finished.
  9. Should I really acknowledge the button that the job request has been finished?
  10. You really should; otherwise, you cannot post a new job request. Not acknowledging the finished task means the request is not yet clear.
  11. How could I reach the in-charge?
  12. You may call ICTC Helpdesk at 3225 or email

  1. What benefit could I get from My.DLSUD?
  2. My.DLSUD is customized to provide several features and services that are valuable to the users. It dispenses necessary information that the faculty need like class and exam schedule, grades, evaluation and others. It also grants a trail to strengthen communication within the community through mail, e-class, announcements among others. The portal, devised by ICT Center, is user friendly to enrich a culture of linked and informed DLSU-D community.
  3. How do I get a user account?
  4. All faculty have portal accounts. If you are a new faculty or a faculty who has not activated your account, you are advised to visit the
    Helpdesk of ICT Center for your username and password. Just bring your ID.
  5. How do I log in to My.DLSUD?
  6. From the main page of the university website, you can proceed to the login portion of My.DLSUD portal. To login, just type your username and password, which you have verified with the Helpdesk of ICT Center; this is an implemented requirement to verify your identity and secure your account as well. Once the login name and password are accepted, you can now access the services offered by the portal.
  7. Is the information in My.DLSUD secure and private?
  8. Be certain that all information in your portal account is guaranteed secure as your identity is authenticated by your login details (username and password). Students and faculty have their respective portal accounts; therefore, the others could not view your personal information.
  9. How can I protect my personal account?
  10. Along with such confidentiality is responsibility. So as not to provide an opportunity for others to explore your account, do the necessary measures to protect it. This could be done by keeping login details confidential. Your account is a sacred ownership which should not be disclosed to everyone especially that the portal is the window to my.forums, my.mail, my.grades, my.organizer, my. evaluation and so on. Also, religiously log out properly to prevent the next user of the computer from accidentally exploring and intentionally tinkering your account.
  11. Could I change my password? How could I change it?
  12. By all means, you may change your password. A convenient system is developed to aid you in doing so. There is no need to visit ICT Center; simply click the Change password button in the upper right of the portal page and supply the information required by the fields.
  13. What shall I do if I encounter a difficulty in logging in?
  14. Logging in shall never be a problem unless you have encoded incorrect username and password; thus, be discreet in typing those login details especially that they are case sensitive. If despite accurate log in is observed, still errors persist, you may seek assistance through the Helpdesk at ICT Center.
  15. What must I do incase I forget my password? Could I recover it?
  16. Your password is under wraps so find a way to back it up. But if you forget it, just click the forgot my password button. 9. Could I easily access the portal when I am not within the university premises? Ideally, yes. The portal is not simply intranet-covered but internet-sheltered; therefore, you could have an access to the portal locally and even overseas.