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University Linkages Office (ULO)

The University Linkages Office (ULO) initiates, consolidates and sustains efforts to establish linkages to further academic and non-academic activities of the university in support the plan towards internationalization. The Office is under the supervision of the Vice Chancellor for Mission, External Affairs and Advancement (VCMEAA). The ULO Director presides the University Linkages Committee, and represents the unit in the OVCMEAA committee, University Advancement Office among others.

University Linkages Commitee (ULC)


To become one of the leading institutions nationally and globally, it is imperative that a university like De La Salle University-Dasmariñas establishes linkages with a network of universities and institutions here and abroad. The establishment of academic linkages, in particular, “can provide a base for long-term institutional cooperation, improve the quality of specific departments, enhance research output, and contribute to a mutual understanding that extends far beyond the boundaries of the involved institutions” (Weber State University).

Presently, the University Linkages Office (ULO) is expected to cover more networks of local and international universities along with other non-academic institutions to further instruction, research and other academic functions. Fundamentally, this undertaking is, rather, a shared responsibility among colleges, hence, ix`nvolves stakeholders in planning and developing strategies for the purpose. Correspondingly, each college also deserves equal exposure to opportunities in linking.

To achieve this, the unit assures that the needs of each college are duly addressed in the performance of its functions by providing information and soliciting feedback from its constituents. Howevser, due to the diversity of the academic community, in certain cases, the linkage needs are not appropriately addressed and the opportunities are not equal. It is in this respect that this unit proposed the creation the University Linkage Committee (ULC).


The committee shall be a venue for discussion of linkage concerns and refer contacts from local and international institutions, agencies, organizations, etc.; monitor and evaluate current linkages of the university, updates the university with on-going linkage negotiations, creates & recommend guidelines in making linkages, and venue for discussion of internationalization of the university.

Composition and Function

Chair: Director, University Linkages Office

  1. Chairs ULC
  2. Orients the members regarding creating linkages
  3. Provides initial guidelines for linking
  4. Reports to ULC current developments in making international linkages
  5. Refer prospective linkages to ULC

College representatives (ATF) Academic Service Faculty Representatives (under OVCAR, OVCMEAD, OVCFAS)

Regular guests:
Accreditation Office
Admissions Office
Registrar’s Office

  1. Attend scheduled meetings of ULC
  2. Report to respective college council/offices the linkage activities of the university.
  3. Report to ULC the following:
    1. Linkage activities of the college/academic service units
    2. Feedback from the college/respective academic service units about linkage activities of the university
  4. Assist in monitoring and evaluation of linkage agreements.
  5. Contribute to the development of the university linkage guidelines.
  6. Refer prospective linkages.

University Partners

Partners Country
Anhui University China
MAUI Community College Hawaii
University of Hawai’i, Hawai’i Community College Hawaii
Soegijapranata Catholic University Indonesia
Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya Indonesia
Yogyakarta State University Indonesia
University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta Indonesia
Institut Polytechnique La Salle Beauvais France
International Pacific College New Zealand
Nagoya Gakuin University Japan
School of Education and Social Development University Malaysia Sabah Malaysia
University of Malaya Malaysia
La Salle Center Myanmar
Chi Nan University Republic of Taiwan
Fu Jen Catholic University Republic of Taiwan
Wenzao Urzuline College of Language Republic of Taiwan
MDI Singapore Singapore
Jeonju University Validity: 2013-2016 South Korea
Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi Thailand
Lewis University USA
Saint Mary’s University of California Validity: Oct. 18, 2011-2016 USA
St. Mary's University Minnesota USA
Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia Spain
University of Applied Sciences Leiden Netherlands
Marunouchi College of Business Japan
University of Science Vietnam

University Membership

Asian University Digital Resource Network
Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA)
Association of South East Asian Catholic Colleges and Universities (ASEACCU)
Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning
De La Salle Philippines
International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU)
International Federation of Catholic Universities (IFCU)
International Sustainable Campus Network
Operations Research Society of the Philippines
Philippine Association of Academic and Research Libraries, Inc. (PAARL)
The Philippine Academic Consortium for Latin American Studies (PACLAS)
University Mobility for Asia and the Pacific


Form Download
Linkage Need Assessment Form-1A pdf
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Lasallian Student Ambassadors (LSA)

logo of Lasallian Vigilance for Environmental Development (LS Verde)

LSA is comprised of Lasallian student leaders who have passion for inter-cultural exchanges. The “ambassadors” chiefly serve as student counterparts to foreign exchange students and other international guests of the university. Most of the members have represented their colleges to international events such as conferences, camps and other academic and non-academic exchange programs. LSA is an auxiliary organization under the University Linkages Office, which takes charge of local and international partnerships of the university.

Contact Info:


University Linkages Office
Gregoria Montoya Hall
DLSU - Dasmariñas
Cavite, Philippines 4115

For questions and inquiries:
email the ULO Secretariat

Cavite +63 (46) 481.1900 local 3270
Manila +63 (2) 779.5180