Graduate Studies

Grading System

4.0 99–100  
3.75 97–98  
3.5 95–96  
3.25 93–94  
3.0 91–92  
2.75 89–90 Passing for PhD
2.5 87–88 Passing for MBA
2.25 85–86 no credit


  1. The grades of the students are computed based on the following criteria:

    • Major Examinations   –        30%
    • Class Standing          –        70% 

    However, the faculty may assign the components and weights in the computation of the class standing (recitation, reaction/critique paper, research, oral & written reports, book review, self-made portfolio of readings and personal theories, attendance, other types of participation, quizzes, other requirements).

  2. A grade of 0.00 (Failed) is given due to the following reasons:

    • Inability to satisfy the minimum requirements of the subject/s
    • Excessive absences
    • Unofficial dropping

  3. If a student fails to complete the requirements in a course, he/she is given a grade of incomplete (INC.). INC grade should be completed within one (1) school year. Otherwise, he/she will have to enroll the respective course again. 
  4. A change of grade by the teacher may be allowed only if there was an error in the computation of the final grade (to be done within the succeeding semester) or upon completion of requirements (within one school year if the grade given was INC.). However, the change must be substantiated by pertinent documents such as class record, final examination paper and other related documents.

  5. Midterm and Final Grades should be shown to the students.

  6. No numerical grade will be given to Thesis Writing/Dissertation Writing. Only the word PASSED will be reflected in the manuscript, grading sheet, and the transcript of records.

  7. Honors List

    • A GPA of at least 3.5 with no grade lower than 3.0 is required to qualify in the honor list. The GPA should cover at least 12 units or 4 subjects with credits taken in consecutive trimesters. The University Registrar computes and releases the honors list

    • A candidate for graduation shall receive academic honors if his/her GPA falls within the following range provided no grade lower than 3.25 for MBA and 3.50 in the Doctoral Program.
    3.90-4.00 With Highest Distinction
    3.70-3.89 With High Distinction
    3.50-3.69 With Distinction
      1. No retake in any of the subjects in the Comprehensive Examination.
      2. No re-defense or major revisions in the final thesis/dissertation.

  8. After passing the written comprehensive examinations, the student has the option to apply for a Diploma certificate in Business Administration or to proceed to complete his/her full MBA degree. 




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