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Formation Programs

1. Lasallian Formation Seminar for Faculty and Staff

Lasallian Formation Seminar (LFS) for faculty and staff uses the insights and reflections about faith, zeal for service, and communion (in mission) in view of the life and works of the Founder, the Lasallian living tradition, participants' faith-life experiences, and God's Word as primary contents.

LFS is process-oriented since its goal is forming and "enabling persons to acquire the [same] vision, values, attitudes, and practices " of the Founder in following Christ.

Aware of and sensitive to the experiences and identified needs of the participants, the contents of the formation modules and the process by which they are given are open for continuous updating, enrichment and revision.

The LFS is a series of seminars from modules 1-20.  Each seminar schedule takes 4 hours.  Every faculty and staff is supposed to attend at least once a year. The LFS is sequential in nature. 

2. Lasallian Formation Seminar for Students ( Ugnayang Lasalyano and Barkadahang Lasalyano )

The LFS for students are designed according to their needs. "Ugnayang Lasalyano" module is particularly designed for freshmen. In this module, they are introduced into the life and works of the Founder and the Lasallian spirituality as part of welcoming and incorporating them into the Lasallian family/community as youngest members.  This has to be done so that they may now begin to understand, appreciate and hopefully own the legacy of the Founder.

Meanwhile, "Barkadahang Lasalyano" module is designed for sophomores.  It is expected that sophomores have already adjusted to the life of the community and they now have their own circles of friends. Getting them away from distorted notions on friendship and bad influences of the so-called "friends," they are introduced in this module into the life and struggles of the Founder and his brothers particularly highlighting what transpired in Vaugirard, a place where they met and strengthened their relationships through fellowship and prayer. It is hoped that this particular experience of the Founder and the brothers will inspire to form bonds of friendship that extend beyond personal gain. This can be done through the values enshrined in C.H.I.M.E.S. (Common Good, Honesty, Integrity, Meritocracy, Excellence and Service).

" Damayang Lasalyano" for juniors and "Tipanang Lasalyano " for seniors are still in progress.

The LFS for students is given once a year for each year level.  Each is a 4-hour seminar.  Every student is supposed to attend at least once a year. The LFS is sequential in nature. 

3. Formation of ULFO Student Volunteers

ULFO student volunteers are students who willingly expressed their intention to help the regular staff members in facilitating the LFS.  Special formation program is given to ULFO student volunteers that will help them facilitate LFS.

4. Lasallian Formation Seminars for other Members of the Community (Guards, CHCC Personnel, GSB and GSEAS Students, Canteen Concessionaires and Student Offenders )

Special LFS are given to other members of the community according to their identified and expressed needs.

5. New Program:  Mentoring of Psychology Majors in their Practicum Program

This program serves as an alternative training ground with the hope that they will see from this other opportunities for career path. It also envisions to develop students to appreciate and eventually embrace formation as a ministry.



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