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Give to DLSU-D

De La Salle University-Dasmarinas (DLSU-D) is a higher education institution that seeks to respond to the call and needs of the Church and the country. It aims to play a key role in the formation and education of future leaders and achievers. Its community hopes to contribute to nation building.

This is why you are invited to join DLSU-D in realizing its dreams. Your gift to DLSU-D shall fuel its passion to respond to new ideas and seize new opportunities.

We at DLSU-D enjoin you to partner with us in teaching, touching, and transforming the lives of the Filipino youth.

Types of Donations

  • Memorial Gifts
    A gift in memory of a loved one, favorite professor, student or friend is a thoughtful and meaningful way to recognize someone's life and accomplishments. This can be done by establishing a memorial lecture, commemorative event or activity.

    Some examples: Teodocia Sarao-Osteria Memorial Lecture Series, Nadina Barzaga-Capayas Scholarship Endowment Fund

  • Planned Gifts
    Planned giving provides you with the options and opportunities to include support of DLSU-D in your over-all financial program. Planned gifts are generally gifts or commitments/pledges made in the present which will benefit DLSU-D in a future date or upon completion of the gift. Other planned gifts may include donations of property (securities and real estate) or gifts of tangible personal property.

    Some examples: Magar Professorial Chair, Usis Professorial Chair, Panlilio Collection at the Museo De La Salle, Dr. Jaime Laya Collection

  • Property/Real Estate
    A residence, farm, ancestral home, or other real estate may be given to DLSU-D. A gift of real estate can make the full value of your property available and offer a variety of economic advantages, while leaving a lasting legacy at DLSU-D. The University will carefully evaluate each potential gift of land to make sure it will advance the University's mission.

    Some examples: Valeros Property in Ilocos Sur, Br. Andrew’s Property in Charbel, Dasmariňas

  • Gifts-in-Kind
    These gifts can include anything from personal property, books or artwork.

    Some examples: Dr. Caesar Virata Collection, Simeon Saprid Collection

    Gifts of Services
    DLSU-D supporters often donate gifts such as the right to use property or pledge to provide a service. These gifts provide significant support for the University. To determine DLSU-D’s interest in the service you would like to provide, e-mail us at development@dlsud.edu.ph

  • Class Gifts
    Class gift campaigns are an opportunity to celebrate what your Lasallian education has meant to you. Alumni can celebrate their years at DLSU-D by giving something back to the University and to future generations of Lasallians/Patriots. Class gift campaigns encourage alumni to increase their annual giving to the University or make their first annual gift in recognition of a significant reunion.

    As part of the overall campaign, classes also undertake special class gift projects that benefit the entire University community. These projects range from student scholarships and faculty support to physical improvements to the campus.

    For more information please contact the Alumni Relations and Placement Office at arpo@dlsud.edu.ph

  • Endowments
    An endowment is a gift held in perpetuity and invested in a manner that protects the principal from inflation. The investment income provides a stable funding source for such purposes as scholarships, professorships, lecture series, and research centers.

    DLSU-D has received and managed several endowment gifts. Collectively, these gifts make up DLSU-D Endowment Fund. For investment purposes, the individual endowment gifts are pooled into a single fund. Pooling endowment gifts allows DLSU-D to achieve greater diversity in its investments, lower its investment costs, and attain the maximum return on donors' gifts.

    Some examples: Dr. Carlos Magno Professorial Chair, Mai Mai Lai Ping Scholarship Endowment Fund, Alfred Xerez-Burgos Scholarship Endowment Fund

How to make a Donation

Step One: Fill up the donation form (download here)

Step Two: Submit your donation (on-line, fax, postal mail)

Step Three: Notify DLSU-D about your donation (e.g. via email, fax a copy of the deposit slip etc.)

Donations can be made in favor of De La Salle University-Dasmariňas.

For Cash or Check Donations
please refer to the particulars below:

For peso denomination: Bank of the Philippines Islands (Peso Current Account) 0961-0041-44

For foreign denomination: Bank of the Philippines Islands (Foreign Currency Savings Account) 0964-0222-24

Donations in Kind: For more information contact the OVCMEAD at development@dlsud.edu.ph

You may mail the pledge form or fax it to (+63) 416-4435.

How Have Donations Helped the University

Your support in terms of infrastructure development increases the quality and comfort of teaching and learning experience.

With your support in endowment and term chairs, you assist the University in investing in the recruitment and development of world class faculty.

When you give to the scholarship fund, you put someone to school and transform his life.

For more information read the Lasallian Giving Newsletter (we will send a PDF file of the two issues of the newsletter)

Recipients of your Donation

  • One La Salle Scholarship Fund
    The target by 2011 is to give full scholarship or financial assistance to one in every five full-time student enrolled. Today 12 percent or around 1,400 students are beneficiaries of our various scholarship or financial assistance programs. Moreover, the University was recently awarded by the Philippines Commission on Higher Education as the institution with the Best Scholarship Program in the country.

    1. A Gift of P 100,000 ($ 2,200) supports the education of a student for one school year.

    2. A Gift of P 500,000 ($ 11,100) will establish a permanent scholarship (in a name of your choice) that is awarded every year. The donation can be made in installments over a number of years to our One La Salle Student Scholarship Endowment Fund. We will only use the interest to support the educational needs of a student each year.

    3. Other cash donations (in any amount) will also go to the Student Scholarship Endowment Fund or may be used for the particular semester.

  • Bahay Pag-asa Dasmarinas (House of Hope)
    A 5,000 square meter facility that will nurture and form youth offenders and children-in-conflict with the law is set to open on campus in June 2010. The building is envisioned to be a wellspring of opportunity for transforming youth at risk to become well-adjusted, responsible, educated and confident individuals.

    1. Half of the total cost to complete the structure have been raised or committed already by corporate partners and benefactors of the University. The remaining balance of P 20,000,000 ($ 444,444), is needed to help complete the facility. Donors can help transform the lives of youth-at-risk by supporting the completion of the various rooms and facilities of the center.

  • Brother Andrew Gonzalez Building (Ayuntamiento De Gonzalez)
    In honor and in memory of Brother Andrew Gonzalez, FSC the University is constructing the Ayuntamiento De Gonzalez. This two-storey 4,000 square meter structure will house key administrative and student servicing units. To honor the life and dedication of Brother Andrew to the Lasallian family in the Philippines, friends and benefactors are invited to make a specific contribution to the completion of the building.

    1. There is a need for P 40,000,000 ($ 888,888) to complete its construction. Donors can help complete the Ayuntamiento De Gonzalez by contributing any amount. Naming Rights opportunities are also available.

  • Science and Engineering Laboratory Upgrade.
    DLSU-D wants to continue to be the premier private research and teaching University in the CALABARZON region. We want to strengthen our students, academic and research faculty by providing them with instructional and research activities and opportunities for them to learn and share their knowledge and expertise. The University wants to produce cutting edge environmental, sociological and applied sciences research that would contribute to the growth and development of the province and the region.
    1. There is a P 10,000,000 ($222,222) need to provide upgraded laboratory equipment and to support student research. Donors can help DLSU-D become a research university by contributing any amount to this fund.

  • Education of Priests, Catechists and Church Workers in the Diocese of Imus, Cavite
    As Pope Benedict XVI recently said, “Education is integral in the mission of the Church to proclaim the Good News… No child should be denied his or her right to an education in faith, which in turn nurtures the soul of a nation.” The clergy of the Diocese deserves support in terms of continuing education. There is a great need to support their training and development in order to prepare them for their ministry to God’s people and service to the Church.

    1. The total cost for 40 church workers who are studying in the University is P 1,600,000. The University seeks P 800,000 ($17,777) in grants to supplement the anticipated contribution from school operating funds. Donors can help to educate Church Workers in the Diocese of Imus by contributing any amount to this fund.
    2. A grant of P 40,000 ($ 888) will support the educational needs of one Church Worker for a year.

  • Continuing Education for Public School Teachers
    We want to help improve the quality of instruction in our public school. We can achieve this by providing professional development training to our public school teachers.
    1. In order to support the education of 40 public school teachers who will take a diploma or graduate course in the University for a year P 2,000,000 ($ 44,444) is needed. Donors can help upgrade the quality of teaching in our public elementary and secondary schools through the continuing education of our educators by contributing any amount to this fund.
    2. A grant of P 50,000 ($11,111) will support the educational needs of one public school teacher for a year.

  • Faculty Research and Publication Grants.
    The University seeks to strengthen its ability to conduct research and to disseminate its results to the scientific community, policy makers and the general public. This includes the offering of our faculty and facilities as wellsprings for the conduct of relevant and meaningful research and the affording of opportunities for our faculty and students to make presentations in various international conferences and meetings.

    1. Funding of P 500,000 ($ 11,111) is needed to enable a student or faculty researcher or team to conduct basic or applied research and to enable them to apply for publication and make a presentation in a conference. Donors can help promote a research culture in the university by contributing any amount to this fund.

Donor Benefits

Donors receive an official receipt and certificate/acknowledgement of donation from DLSU-D. For corporate donors a certificate of exemption from donor’s tax or claim for deduction from income (limited or full deduction) may be issued. Donors also receive a copy of Lasallian Giving, Newsette and other institutional publications. Donors are also invited to special events and functions hosted by the University.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of assets can be used to make a planned gift?
Cash, securities, real property, and retirement plans are examples of assets that can be used to fund planned gifts to DLSU-D.

What does the term "trust" mean?
A trust is a legal instrument for which a trustee is named to hold and manage the assets for you.

Can I change my mind in regard to a bequest?
Yes. A charitable bequest made in your will or living trust is revocable during your lifetime.

Do I have to tell the University if I have included it in my will?
We encourage you to do so and will work with you to ensure that your gift intention is fulfilled.

How can I use my life insurance policy to benefit the University?
This is an avenue of giving that is often overlooked. You can name one ore more charities as the primary or secondary beneficiary of your policy. Or, if you no longer need the policy, you can transfer ownership of the policy to a charity and thereby reduce your estate by the face amount of the proceeds. In this case, you may receive a charitable income tax deduction for the basis of the policy and for any future premiums you continue to gift to the charity.

(Source/References: A Guide to Strategic Corporate Giving in the Philippines)

Make a Gift Online

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