Admission Procedures

Senior HIgh School - Grade 11

Students who completed Grade 10 level of Basic Education and Transferee applicants for Grade 11 from a different secondary institution.

International Student

Students who are not from the Philippines need to comply with visa and other requirements prior to admission to short/long-term programs.

College Freshman

Students who have completed Senior High School and have met the necessary requirements and processes may apply for admission at DLSU-D.

College Returnee

Students who have stopped for several semesters may be allowed to enroll again for their undergraduate programs provided they meet the criteria and requirements for re-enrollment.

College Transferee

Students from other schools may continue their studies at DLSU-D upon successful completion of application requirements. Completed subjects will be subject for evaluation for crediting.

Second Course Taker (College)

Students who wish to take up a second program at DLSU-D are welcome to apply for admission. Students must meet the basic qualifications to be accepted into their desired program.

Cross-Enrollee (College)

Students are allowed to cross enroll if they are granted permission by the school they are currently enrolled. They still need to go through the admission process.

Graduate Studies

Students who wish to embark on graduate and post-graduate studies may apply for admission to DLSU-D's wide array of programs.

Academy of Continuing Education

Students who want to continue their education at DLSU-D are encouraged to embark on this program which utilizes an accessible and convenient platform.