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AB Broadcast Journalism
AB Communication
AB Community Development
AB Development Studies
AB Philosophy
AB Political Science
AB Psychology
Master of Arts major in Filipino
Master of Arts in Teaching major in: English, Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Communication
The program provides students with the appropriate training in the various fields of communication. It develops their ability for critical inquiry towards the advancement of knowledge and professional leadership.

Career options
Graduates of the program may work as writers, editors. media practitioners. public relations specialists, film or video producers or directors, photographers. entrepreneurs or educators.

Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism
The program inculcates awareness and responsibility in the use of communication media- television, radio and electronic media and knowledge of the realities and the mechanics of production and the entire work in the media environment.

Career options

Graduates of the program may work as sports/news reporters on television or on the radio, news editors, photographers, newspaper columnists, or journalists.

Students who complete the course (Communication or Broadcast Journalism) will have many career options, especially in the broadly defined fields of journalism, radio, television, new media, advertising, strategic public relations, and integrated communications.  Majors are expected to learn how the various fields in mass communication function and how they are structured. They are also expected to understand the convergence of media and its effects.

Students who complete the Broadcast Journalism or Communication major are expected to:
. Understand and apply relevant theories of mass communication;
. Understand and analyze research in mass communication;
. Understand and apply legal issues, statutes and regulations affecting mass communication;
. Understand and apply ethical principles that can be used to prevent and resolve potential conflicts and dilemmas in the operation of the mass media;
. Demonstrate proficiency in writing for the mass media;
. Demonstrate competence in the student's chosen track within the major.

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy
The program welcomes students to the world of ideas. It ushers them into the pursuit of knowledge and the quest for truth.

Career options
Graduates may engage in the fields of law and education. Moreover, they do well in the corporate world and government services.

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

The program is designed to prepare students for a career in law, politics and education. It also provides know-how on public policy analysis, political relations, public finance and administrative techniques.

Career options
Graduates of the program may pursue a career in law and assume positions in government or private sectors. They may get involved in research, training, teaching and consultancy services.

Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies
The program enables students to examine current practices, issues and trends and come up with policy recommendations for development.

Career options
Graduates of the program are qualified for employment in numerous government and non-government agencies. They may work as development coordinators in municipal, city, provincial and regional development offices. More specifically, they may work as policy analysts, development consultants, educators and lawyers.

Social Science Department
Admission Policy

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
The program ensures that students learn the various theoretical aspects of
Psychology and that they are equipped with tools needed for a better understanding of human behavior. It also aims to help students enhance a healthy personality that will inturn motivate them to work as "people-helpers."

Career options
Graduates may work as psychometricians, guidance or
industrial counselors, trainors, researchers, social workers, educators, and
human resource development personnel.

Bachelor of Arts in Community Development

Major in Community Psychology

The program is designed to broaden the students' perspective and enhanceeffectiveness in the application of scientific knowledge to alleviate socio-economic problems of individuals and communities. Specifically, it aims to develop strategies and skills in social planning/action, community management, monitoring and evaluation.

Career options
Graduates may find employment in the government or business sector, civil society and educational institutions as social workers, researchers, program planners, community psychologists, social service personnel or educators.





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