Academic Calendar

June 28 - July 13 Freshman Enrollment
July 24 - August 11 Uppperclassmen Online Enrollment
August 6 7-10 Institutional Mass of the Holy Spirit Departamental Start of the Year Workshop Week
August 13 Opening of Classes Feast of Saint Benilde Romancon, OSS Lasallian Patron
Aug 21 Ninoy Aquino Day
August 24 Last Day for dropping of subject/s with refund
August 27 National Heroes' Day
Aug 1-31 Buwan ng Wika
August 28 - September 1 Mass of the Holy Spirit • Lasallian Vocations Week
Sep 2 Feast of Blessed Solomon Leclercq, CBAA Lasallian Patron
September 17-22 Prelim Examinations
September 21-28 September 21 - October 21 Human Rights and Democracy Week International Lasallian Days for Peace
September 27 Feast of Blessed Scubilion Rousseau, CoEd Lasallian Patron
September 29 University Charter Day
October 5 Deadline--Submission of Prelim Grades Online Memorial Day World Teacher's Day
October 7 Feast of Our Lady the Holy Rosary
October 10 Feast of St. Marciano Jose, CTHM Lasallian Patron
October 22 Last Day for Dropping of Subject/s Without Refund
October 24 Feast of Blessed Arnold Jules-Nicolas Reche, CSCS Lasallian Patron
October 30 Staff Day
October 31, November 1-2 Special Non-working holiday All Saints' Day All Souls' Day
November 5-10 Midterm Examinations
November 16 Feast of Blessed Jose Cecillio, CEAT Lasallian Patron
November 19-24 Students' Week
November 23 Deadline--Submission of Midterm Grades Online
November 30 Bonifacio Day
December 1, 3-7 Final Examination of Graduating Students
December 8 Feast of Immaculate Conception
December 10-15 Final Examination of Non-Graduating Students
December 18 Deadline--Submission of Graduating Students' Final Grades Online
December 20-January 6 Christmas Vacation
December 25 Christmas Day
December 30 - January 1 Rizal Day New Year's Eve New Year's Day
January 9 Deadline for Submission of Non-Graduating Students' Final Grades Online
January 7 8-11 Resumption of Offices Departamental Mid-Year Workshop Week
January 14-23 All College Levels--Online Enrollment
January 24 Opening of Classes
January 26 Catholic Teachers' Day • Translation of the Relics of St. La Salle
January 30 Feast of St. Mutien-Marie Wiaux, CCJE Lasallian Patron
February 8 Last day of dropping with refund
February 9 Feast of St. Miguel Febres Cordero, CLAC Lasallian Patron
February 14 Graduation Rehearsal
February 22 23 Baccalaureate Mass 43rd Commencement Exercises
February 25 People Power Anniversary
March 4-9 Preliminary Examinations
March 6 Ash Wednesday
March 11-15 Lasallian Festival Faculty Recognition
March 19 Feast of St. Joseph, Patron of the Institute
March 21 Deadline of Submission of Prelim Grades Online
March 22 Cavite Day
March 25 Last Day of Dropping of Subject/s without refund
April 7 Church's Feast of St. John Baptist de La Salle Tercentenary Celebration of the Death of St. John Baptist de La Salle
April 9 Araw ng Kagitingan
April 8, 10-13 Midterm Examinations
April 17-20 Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Black Saturday
April 29 Deadline--Submission of Midterm Grades Online
April 29 - May 4 Research Week
April 30 Birthday of Saint John Baptist de La Salle
May 1 Labor Day
May 6-11 Final Examination for Graduating Students
May 8 Feast of Our Lady of the Star, Patroness of the Institute
May 10 Deadline--Submission of Midterm Grades Online
May 15 Saint John Baptist de La Salle as Patrons of All Teachers
May 20 Deadline--Submission of Graduating Students' Final Grades Online
May 24 Staff Recognition
May 24-25, 27-30 Final Examinations for Non Graduating Students
May 29 Canonization of Saint John Baptist de La Salle
May 30 31 Luntiang Parangal Faculty and Staff Outing
June 12 Independence Day
June 14 Deadline--Submission of Non-Graduating Students' Final Grades Online
June 17-21 All College Levels--Online Enrollment
June 24 Opening of Classes
July 8-9 Graduation Rehearsal Midterm Examinations
July 16 Baccalaureate Mass
July 17-19 44th Commencement Exercises
July 16-31 Endorsement Days (for new administrators)
July 22-27 Departamental Year-End Workshop Week
July 27 Grand Alumni Homecoming
July 29-30 Final Examinations
August 6 Deadline--Submission of Final Grades Online