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University Lasallian Family Office (ULFO)

The University Lasallian Family Office (ULFO), under the Center for Lasallian Ministries (CLM), De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, firmly adheres and commits to the vision and mission of the Founder and the Church. Its task at hand is to provide venues or programs to form persons consistent to Lasallian living tradition of faith , zeal for service and communionin mutual collaboration and interdependence with other units in the university (Foundational Principles of Lasallian Formation).

Specifically, ULFO gives and facilitates Lasallian formation seminars to all the members of the community drawing out the insights and reflections from these three guiding elements in view of the life and works of the Founder, the Lasallian living tradition, their faith-life experiences, and God's Word, as the primary contents. The goal of the formation seminars is to enable them "to acquire the [same] vision, values, attitudes, and practices" of the Founder in following Christ, thereby in the process forming a Lasallian and Christian community in a university setting, wherefaith, zeal and communion serve as hallmarks and foundations.

Mission Statement

We, the members of the University Lasallian Family Office, in creative fidelity with the vision and mission of St. John Baptist De La Salle, see ourselves as formators actively involved in the holistic human and Christian formation of the members of the different sectors of the university in mutual collaboration and interdependence with other units.

Guided by the Gospel and Lasallian values of faith , zeal in service, and communion in mission, we commit ourselves to their integral formation by providing relevant formation programs that endeavor to promote the life and spirit of the Father Founder and to foster personal development and conversion towards more conscientious and active social participation within the community, Church and the society.


“building a culture where each person regards oneself as a Lasallian formator” I8, 2008 PLFC SI and CBM

Student Formation

  • Student Formation Programs:
  • Kaloobang Lasalyano – 1st Year Students

    The young is the very core of the mission. Recollection 1 welcomes freshmen to the Lasallian Family and invites them to discover God’s goodness through prayer and reflection and to appreciate their giftedness. They are also introduced to the Lasallian identity and spirituality with the invitation to live out the values in their academic journey.

  • Lasallian Sojourn – 4th Year/ Graduating Students

    The Formation Program is given to all graduating students as a way of instilling to them the Lasallian Identity and Core Values as they are being prepared for graduation.

    The Lasallian Sojourn invites the students to reflect on their journey as students in the University with the aim of seeing their experiences resonating with the Father Founder’s experiences of ups and downs, trials and triumphs in his own life-journey.

    The Formation Program hopes to inspire the graduating students to follow in the footsteps of the Father Founder as “agents of social transformation” once they become Lasallian professionals – Christian achievers for God and country.

  • Lasallian Formation Seminar for Graduate School Students

    The formation program is intended for the students from partner schools, both Lasallian and non-Lasallian, from overseas. It includes the basic information about St. John Baptist De La Salle; his life and works, his dreams and mission, especially for students from non-Lasallian schools; introduction to the Lasallian Spirit based on the life-story of the Father Founder, the Three Basic Lasallian Prayers and the Three Lasallian Core Values, the very basis for the Lasallian Identity and Mission that every student must not only learn but inculcate in their daily lives.

  • Adult Formation Programs:
  • Lasallian Formation Seminar

    (LFS) for faculty and staff uses the insights and reflections about faith, zeal for service, and communion (in mission) in view of the life and works of the Founder, the Lasallian living tradition, participants' faith-life experiences, and God's Word as primary contents.

    LFS is process-oriented since its goal is forming and "enabling persons to acquire the [same] vision, values, attitudes, and practices" of the Founder in following Christ.

    Aware of and sensitive to the experiences and identified needs of the participants, the contents of the formation modules and the process by which they are given are open for continuous updating, enrichment and revision.
    The LFS is a series of seminars from modules 1-20. Each seminar schedule takes 4 hours. Every faculty and staff is supposed to attend at least once a year. The LFS is sequential in nature.

    Faculty members are required to finish the first 4 modules before being made permanent.

  • Lasallian Formation for Parents

    Parents are very important in the Lasallian ministry. This formation program invites parents to know the Lasallian story, appreciate and take part in the ministry of forming the young according to the Gospel and Lasallian values and tradition.

    The program is a two-part formation activity that each batch of parents (at least 40 parents per batch) attending during October and Lasallian Festival week.

    This program is in partnership with the Parents Organization La Salle-Cavite.

  • Formation and Popularization of the Lasallian Story and Documents
  • Promotion of Words of the Founder through Facebook Page

    Words of St. Lasalle coming from his letters and Meditations for the Time of Retreat are shared daily to the community through FB Page: I am Lasallian @dlsudiamlasallian.

  • Promotion of Lasallian Documents and Popularization of the Lasallian Story and Tradition

    Lasallian documents like the Lasallian Guiding Principles of the Philippine Lasallian Family are distributed to faculty members, students and administrators in different formation programs. There are also efforts toward popularization and simplifying the Lasallian documents.

  • Vocation
  • Promotion of Lasallian Vocations in the different Formation Programs

    The Lasallian vocations of being teachers, Brothers, volunteers and students are promoted in the different formation programs of the office with the invitation to members of the community to respond to God’s call of taking part in the ministry.

  • Multi-sectoral Vocation Team

    ULFO is a member of the university’s Multi-Sectoral Vocation Team and actively participates in its different programs and initiatives in the promotion of vocations.

  • Signum Fidei
  • The lay Lasallian association Signum Fidei is under ULFO and actively spearheads its different programs and initiatives.

  • Support to Bahay Pag-asa and the District Annual Project
  • ULFO supports Bahay Pag-asa by purchasing the Lasallian rosaries that the residents make and include the teaching of how to pray the Lasallian rosary in the formation of students.

    ULFO also supports the District Annual Project by inviting members of the community to donate or come up with an initiative on how they can support this program after attending the formation sessions.

  • ULFO Faculty and Staff Development and Formation
  • ULFO staff in as much as they accompany members of the community in the Lasallian journey through the different formation programs of the office, they also participate in the different programs that enhance their skills related to formation, build the sense of family in the unit, increase their knowledge of the Lasallian story and tradition and deepen their spirituality.

  • Others
  • Member, University Formation Council
  • Member, Collegiate Outstanding Faculty Search Committee
  • Member, University Discipline Board
  • Member, INTRO to La Salle Module Writing Group
  • Facilitation of LSSI, RTV, and other DLSP Formation Programs
  • Other programs are focused on creating materials that intent to popularize the Lasallian story, values and spirituality. There are also initiatives of installing Lasallian images and other symbols in classrooms and other areas in the campus.

  • ULFO Newsletter
  • ULFO publishes annually its newsletters featuring reflections and essays of Lasallians about different Lasallian themes.

  • Lasallian Patron Saints of Colleges
  • Since the time that our Father Founder, John Baptist de La Salle, has been recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint through his works and holiness, so is a long list of Lasallians who lived holy and exemplary lives serving as inspiration for all Lasallians entrusted with the mission. Recognizing the significance of Lasallian saints in strengthening the Lasallian identity, spirit of association and cultivation of vocations, the Strategic Intents and Capability-Building Measures particularly invites Lasallian institutions to “strengthen the integration of the Lasallian story, core values and education for vocation in the curriculum and school practices’ (SI and CBM on Lasallian Identity, Vocations and Association).

    As a Lasallian institution taking cognizance of the invitation to strengthen the promotion of the Lasallian story and experience in the community, is the project of Colleges having their respective Lasallian Patrons to recognize the holy and exemplary lives of our Lasallian Saints and serve as spiritual inspirations and guardians.

  • Lasallian Forum
  • This is an annual activity during the Lasallian Festival week that focuses on different Lasallian themes which aims to inspire and challenge members of the different sectors of the Lasallian community to take part in the different Lasallian ministries and vocations. Sharers and speakers during this gathering are Lasallian Brothers and other admired Lasallian servant-leaders.

  • Lasallian S.T.A.M.P. (Special Trustees Accompaniment Ministry Program)
  • ULFO actively supports this formation program for Board of Trustees members of the Presidential Management Office by regularly providing the needed materials and Lasallian documents.

    ULFO publishes annually its newsletters featuring reflections and essays of Lasallians about different Lasallian themes.


University Lasallian Family Office
2F Antonio and Victoria Cojuangco Memorial Chapel of our Lady of the Holy Rosary Chapel
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For questions and inquiries:
email the ULFO Secretariat

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