Why is self-care important?

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As part of De La Salle University-Dasmariñas’ care-centered model for online learning, the University seeks to aid students, faculty, staff and parents in navigating through the challenges of the pandemic through self-care.

The Self-Care Hub was developed to provide an avenue for all members of the Lasallian community to rejuvenate and nourish their overall well-being by freely using therapeutic techniques (online or on-site) to establish connections of the present situation with various life’s challenges.


They say, why do we need self-care and what is the importance of self-care? People nowadays tend to think that self-care is being selfish, self-centered, and lastly, egocentric. There are too many negative connotations on what self-care really is. However, the true definition of self-care is to take care of oneself to remove the exhaustion and tiredness of oneself.

Why is self–care important?  It lets us reflect on our past decisions. It lets us re-think our decisions. And it lets us determine the feasible courses of action in our life.

Self-care is an important activity that we need to do in our daily lives because, as students, we tend to have a large number of assessments, exams, and other activities on our subject matters, which most likely results in a feeling of tiredness and exhaustion that affects our physical and mental well-being.

Self-care is important for everyone, not just to students, but also to faculty and staff who work hard to meet our needs and are human just like the rest of us.

Kumusta Ka?

“I woke up this morning and that's enough to be joyful.” — Mylene Joson on the value of Self-Care

The current situation may be challenging but Kabalikat ng Dasmariñas President Mylene Joson is making the most of it by making sure that she takes time to care for herself.

“It’s true that taking care of the family makes one happy. But it is also important to take care of ourselves especially for a mother like me,” she said.

During the time of the pandemic, where the new normal comes with travel restriction, stricter health protocols, and a shift in the work environment, Mylene said that self-care is her remedy to stay sane amid the chaos.

“Self-care makes me sane in this otherwise, insane situation. Listening to music takes me to my happy place even if it is only in my mind. Gardening makes me feel refreshed. Taking care of my dog is like taking care of my children which I really miss, and long solo drives give me a sense of freedom,” she explained.

She admitted that there are countless hindrances to engaging in self-care activities such as the lack of time, social and health restrictions, travel limitations and the normal pet peeves that she experiences when she steps out for essential travel.

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