Self-Care for Partners

The Self Care Hub was created by DLSU-Dasmariñas to serve as a reminder for all our partners that despite the multiple demands of your daily life, you have to focus on your well being too.

Self-care is important in maintaining your overall wellness. It covers several aspects including the physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and environmental as it all has an impact on your life.

We applaud all of your efforts and hope that in our small way, we will be able to help you find opportunities to care for your personal well being too.

Enjoy your visit to our Self Care Hub!

Sharing and Compassion

Sharing and Compassion


One of the pillars of Lent is the act of Almsgiving. Simply put, it is a practice of strengthening our love for others. It also helps us decrease our attachment to material things and molds us to become instruments of social justice.

luchie caguioa

Pause and Reflect


Reflection is an important part of growing as a Christian. It gives us time to evaluate ourselves, our habits, and our actions so that we can get closer to God and become better instruments to share his message to the world – to become agents of love, kindness and compassion.

luchie caguioa

Balancing Self Care and Parenting

     PARTNERS     |    Maria Edwena "Luchie" Caguioa, RND

As a parent, juggling multiple responsibilities for home and work is quite taxing. However, as a nutritionist by profession, I believe that self-care is very important for all types of people so I make sure to engage in activities that are relaxing and healthy.

socialize safely

4 Tips to Socialize Safely

     PARTNERS     |    Angie Chui

Quarantines and lockdowns spur feelings of isolation and anxiety but with COVID-19 numbers on the rise, staying at home may seem like a better option than being exposed to the virus.There are, however, safe ways to socialize during a pandemic that you might want to try out:

Squid Game

5 Ways to Stay Out of Debt (and the Squid Games)

     PARTNERS     |    Angie Chui

While real life may not be as brutal as the fictional Squid Games, there are many of us who sometimes go overboard with spending and find ourselves unable to deal with debt. To avoid having to sign up a desperate last ditch effort like the Squid Game, here are some tips you might want to adopt.


Ways to Defeat Overthinking To Live a More Relaxing Life

     PARTNERS     |    Emerico Rasing, RGC

There are plenty of mental health issues that adults have to deal with and the prolonged effects of the pandemic has not been very helpful.


Getting a good night sleep during the pandemic

     PARTNERS     |    Maria Edwena "Luchie" Caguioa, RND

The pandemic has affected every facet of our lives and this includes getting the proper amount of rest. Sleeping might be simple but for others, it’s a challenge, especially for adults whose sleeping habits are affected by the stress caused COVID-19-related concerns.

Laudato Si

Laudato Si' Ecological Conversion

     PARTNERS     |    Jhelyn A. Relopez

The call of Pope Francis in his encyclical “Laudato Si,” to care for our common home, is a journey of cultivating an ecological conscience. As such, this mandate to care for our common home entails an ecological conversion. To cultivate an ecological conscience that leads to ecological conversion further demands education for the environment. Learning gives us consciousness and awareness of what is happening around us.


Check out inspirational quotes, top tips and informational materials to help you navigate through the challenges of the new normal.

Self-Care Videos

Relax with music, meditation, entertaining and informative videos to help you in your self-care journey.