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Why do we do Self–Care?

Julius Raphael Roxas
President, University Student Government

They say, why do we need self-care and what is the importance of self-care? People nowadays tend to think that self-care is being selfish, self-centered, and lastly, egocentric. There are too many negative connotations on what self-care really is. However, the true definition of self-care is to take care of oneself to remove the exhaustion and tiredness of oneself.

Why is self–care important?  It lets us reflect on our past decisions. It lets us re-think our decisions. And it lets us determine the feasible courses of action in our life.

Self-care is an important activity that we need to do in our daily lives because, as students, we tend to have a large number of assessments, exams, and other activities on our subject matters, which most likely results in a feeling of tiredness and exhaustion that affects our physical and mental well-being.

Self-care is important for everyone, not just to students, but also to faculty and staff who work hard to meet our needs and are human just like the rest of us.

But how can we self-care? Here are 5 tips that I have been doing for my self-care every now and then.

  • Celebrate little victories you are now one step closer to your goals in life.
  • Listen to music based on your mood or what you feel at the moment.
  • Vent out, shout if it helps you.
  • Socialize with your friends or bond with your family. You can talk to them, play a game with them, or even have movie nights with them. It really helps to have a support system.
  • Lastly, appreciate yourself. Do not let anybody invalidate your efforts and feelings.

Self-care is an important activity for everyone. Doing such things can improve our overall health and wellness. Let us breathe, relax, and enjoy the self-care week. Happy Self-care week everyone! Always remember that you are always valid.


Our bodies are the external machinery that keeps us going. Keeping it healthy and strong is paramount to achieving our goals. Having a healthy balanced diet, keeping ourselves hydrated, constant physical activity and exercise, maintaining enough sleep and rest and having regular check-ups are just some of the things we need to safeguard in order to stay physically well.


Our brain and mental faculties are situated on top of anatomical structure for a reason. It dictates the direction where we are going. As the seat of our logic, reason, and intellect, keeping it well is essential to our being productive beings. Reading, watching educational or entertaining materials, engaging in simple mental exercises, mindfulness practice, yoga, listening to calming music and plain mental rest are just some of the ways to keep oneself mentally well.


We often hear the expression, “emotions cloud the mind” and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. When we lose hold of our emotions, drastic actions that we may regret at a later time may happen. In order to rein in our emotions, we need to recognize and process them properly. Resources attest that mindfulness practice, yoga, artistic hobbies and daily exercise helps. Further readings also correlates physical wellness and sufficient sleep to emotional well-being. Likewise, we often hear “think before you act,” and truthfully so. Emotional wellness equates with our motion’s harmonious relations with our cognition.


Faith is complete trust and confidence on something. It is that one’s strong belief in God and the proof of His presence in our church doctrines and our daily experiences. Keeping attuned with our spirituality is one way to keep balance in life amidst struggles. Conversing with our God through daily prayers and meditation, scripture reading, listening to uplifting, inspiring gospel songs, attending mass and church services, recollections, retreats and other religious, or social civic activities, or engaging in a few moments of silence are some ways on how to keep oneself attuned to the Divine and keep balance.


We call Mother Nature as such because of human’s inexplicable connection with it. Our belief tells us that we, after all, came from dust. Spending time with nature, breathing and feeling the air, smelling the grass, flowers, feeling the leaves, barks of trees, the rain gives us a calming experience. Being Plantitos or Plantitas and engaging in green hobbies or participating in environment advocacy activities are some of the ways where we can be Environmently well.


Being secured for life emergencies give us some kind of comfort and peace of mind. Not having to worry much about the inevitable future in terms of finances is a worthy kind of wellness. Saving something for the future is a habit that should ideally be started early. Reading and watching materials on finance management or engaging in talks and discussions (and actually trying to work on it) are some ways to keep oneself financially fit.

You Matter

Self-care is an important aspect of your overall well being. Explore the different sections of our Self-Care Hub with contents that cater to every sector.