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Self-care also involves your relationship with your physical environment. This refers to having an organized, well maintained and clutter- free school, work, business and home environment, clean clothes, transport and other personal things. It also involves minimizing waste and monitoring technology time, and being aware and caring of the environment. Examples of environmental self-care activities are de-cluttering one’s room, locker and school desk, creating and maintaining technology use schedule, riding a bike, planting and tending one’s garden, recycling.


Challenge: Take 22 Actions for Biodiversity

By: LS Verde

Self care means caring for our common home- our Planet Earth. With the recent observance of World Biodiversity Day, Lasallians are being called upon to become champions of all that encompass the evolutionary, ecological, and cultural processes that sustain life.

In your own way, you can make a huge difference. Take the challenge:

  •   List down 22 actions you can take for biodiversity.
  •   Share photos and videos of these actions and encourage others to keep the chain going.
  •   Disconnect from your gadgets and connect with nature.
  •   Help raise awareness about environmental issues today.
  •   Add to cart biodiversity friendly and sustainable goods.

Our collective action matters. Start today!

You Matter

Self-care is an important aspect of your overall well being. Explore the different sections of our Self-Care Hub with contents that cater to every sector.