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One aspect of self-care is accepting your financial capacity, coming up with some coping mechanisms to deal with financial constraints and establish goals that will meet his financial needs. Engage in activities include financial literacy, setting goals in spending and budgeting, talking with others style of budgeting, sticking to one’s budget, saving and loaning money wisely, for starters.


4 Ways to Save Money During a Pandemic

All over the world, the pandemic hit most people hard financially. Even in the Philippines, many Filipinos lost jobs with business closures and limited operations brought on by health protocols to keep the general public safe.

Expenses, however, remain the same. The cost of utilities is constant, with most people staying at home for work and education. Spending, on the other hand, has also shifted to the online platform since it offers a safer and more convenient way to access essential goods and other products. Unfortunately, due to its accessibility, it is often too easy to give in to impulse buys, which takes its toll on the family's finances in the long run.

While saving and earning during these difficult times prove challenging, you can still set aside a couple of bucks for a rainy day with financial wisdom and strong willpower. Here's how:

  • Steer clear of food deliveries. No matter how convenient it is, deliveries add up to your household expenses. Rather than order from your favorite fast food, maximize your budget by opting for a homecooked meal.

  • Have an online garage sale. Staying at home gives you the perfect opportunity to take inventory of your stuff and declutter. See which items can still be sold online and have a live selling event of pre-loved items. You can earn a few extra bucks and make space in your closet at the same time.

  • Add to cart. Add to your online shopping cart as much as you want but rather than purchasing the items straight out, leave it on your cart for a while and see how you feel about it after the initial impulse has passed. Most of the time, you will realize that you don’t need these additional items and you will have saved yourself some money.

  • Cancel subscriptions. Subscriptions set you back a set amount each month. Check which of these you are no longer using so you can save or reappropriate your money to something more useful to you.

You Matter

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