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One aspect of self-care is accepting your financial capacity, coming up with some coping mechanisms to deal with financial constraints and establish goals that will meet his financial needs. Engage in activities include financial literacy, setting goals in spending and budgeting, talking with others style of budgeting, sticking to one’s budget, saving and loaning money wisely, for starters.


Pay it forward: The Act of Volunteerism

By: Jayson Ababa 

May is the most important month for an individual to exercise their right to suffrage. While proclamation rallies for numerous presidentiables continued to saturate and trend in social media, it paved the way for voters to choose the most deserving candidate to lead the Philippines for the next six years.

Considering the recent political rallies held by the aspirants of the country, it is apparent that a lot of it did not go to waste. Rather, it inspired everyone to rise. Throughout the 90-day campaign period, it inculcated into everyone’s hearts and minds that “we are all contributing to something larger than ourselves.”

As the height of elections came to an end last May 9th, the message of the 2022 Philippine National Elections carried through citizens from all walks of life. At stake was a greater call to address the needs of the Filipino people as a whole.

And as we approach the end of May with more introspection, let us seize the opportunity to absorb one another's driving spirit on how we might adapt and contribute to judiciously investing our time in worthwhile causes and major advantages in society.

Listed below are some acts of volunteerism wherein we can be of help to the community and the country.

  •   Support community gift-giving programs.   One way of practicing volunteerism is to start handing out what you can that orbits around the things you can do. Having the ability to share your passion and do what you love helps inspire and empower people.
  •   Aid and donate.   Donating what you can is a powerful way of giving back to the community while helping organizations make the most of their limited resources. In addition, this can also help you declutter and organize your excess items.
  •   Do check-ups and visits.   Showing that you care and reaching out to people has a positive impact on the lives of others while also demonstrating your sincerity and genuineness as a donor to such a worthy cause.
  •   Develop and empower others who wish to assist others.   Giving back to the community can also take the form of promoting and spreading advocacy areas of your interest. Being an instrument by which you can expand your role as a mentor, positively influencing the lives of others, does not only cater to your own sense of growth as a person but also to people who are willing to help the community.

Photo credits: Migo Maaliv

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