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Establishing close connections is an important factor in caring for yourself. However, socialization is not easy when you get overwhelmed with all of the other things that demand your attention. Socialization involves having a supportive group and network of relationships whom you can turn to when needed. As humans are by nature social beings, connection is important to all in whatever works for anyone. Activities like spending time with loved ones, reconnecting with old friends, striking up a conversation with someone are some of the examples of social activities.


Bonding with the fambam

By: Therese Erica Palapal

Socialization has been part of our lives as human beings, from talking to our parents, keeping in touch with our friends, meeting new people online and building spontaneous conversations. These are what we do as social beings. We like to relate with one another and through this, we build wonderful relationships as we discover more about life.

Taking care of our social self is a must, especially for us students who are always on our laptops and phones, doing assessments, having meetings and video calls here and there. Thus, it’s really important for us to take breaks, relax and enjoy time away from paperwork, requirements, or anything school-related.

This pandemic has changed the way we socialize. We turned to our phones. We are always online. We post, comment, and share from our social media accounts. In just one click, we are able to connect with other people

Aside from this, we also get stuck inside our homes and one thing that we can do to socialize and interact with people is by spending time with our family. We get stuck with the same faces everyday and I'm pretty sure we can give more energy and fun in our households by playing and doing activities with them. Instead of being lazy and doing nothing the whole day, it's time to stand up, go to your mom and dad, call your sister and brother and start these activities!

  •   Have a movie night.   Deciding on what movie we should watch is one of the exciting parts of having a movie night. My mom and dad would always argue about it and after watching the movie, there would be short recaps and discussions about the ending. It’s fun to watch movies with your family as it also becomes a family bonding.
  •   Clean your house.   Cleaning is also one way of distressing. Organizing stuff, fixing your bed and cleaning your household is a good activity for the family. Assigning chores and duties per family member can boost their sense of responsibility and also communicate as well.
  •   Eat with the family.   As the saying goes, the family that eats together, stays strong together! Eating with the complete family is one of the most precious situations that we can experience in our family. Catching up, talking and enjoying the conversation with your family can lessen the burden and stress that a person is feeling.

Indeed, our families will always be the ones who will be there for us and it is important to keep the communication, interaction and family bonding alive!

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