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Spiritual Self-Care

Spiritual self-care refers to nourishing our inner being, taking care of the matters of the heart which allows us to say to our God, “Lord, I trust in You”. It begins with acknowledging one’s need for the Lord and to recognize the needs of the heart. As such, spiritual self-care includes strengthening one’s connection to the Divine, the capacity for meaning making, having strong faith and communion with the Almighty One which grounds one’s sense of purpose in life. Examples of spiritual self-care activities are meditation, praying, scripture reading and reflection, listening to inspirational music, various inspirational talks and testimonies in life, spending time in nature and attending virtual spiritual activities (including masses and devotional practices), talking with a spiritual director, volunteering in church activities or lending support to a cause, praying the rosary, joining spiritual enrichment groups. Let us then take time to care for the matters of our heart, to connect with God and to be spiritually renewed. This will enable to handle with our heart the rest that matters in our life.



He’s Always Online: A Conversation between the Lord and Myself

Kristine Dianne Gonzales

These past few days and months have been really tough for everyone because of the different challenges and struggles that we are experiencing in our lives. This includes events in the election, online classes, getting plenty of assessments and other responsibilities that really affects our mental health.

As a student and a servant of God, on weekdays I find myself stressing over doing assessments and other responsibilities but I still manage to maintain and organize my deadlines. I am really overwhelmed because of the number of things that I need to do and comply with. I’ve been struggling and sometimes see myself crying and having a mental breakdown because I’ve been tired and craving to have time to rest my mind for a while just like what other students want.

As the week goes by, I am always waiting for the weekend to come. Attending the Saturday formation and Bible sharing with my peers in the choir –Sacred Heart of Jesus Music Ministry– and listening to the word of the Lord, listening to other people’s experiences and learnings makes me feel comforted and motivated to keep going. And on Sunday, serving and singing praises to the Lord, and listening to the mass makes my heart full and let my mind and my soul breathe.

In short, my weekends are my source of energy for me to recharge and have the strength for the upcoming weekdays.

Every week that I encounter, there’s no day that I will not pray before I start doing something. I will always say, “Lord, please give me strength. I know You are always here with me. I know that You always hear me, my words and my thoughts.” because for me, a conversation with the Lord every day keeps my worries away and I am able to breathe again.

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