About DLSU-D

Vision Mission

Our Identity

DLSU-D - inspired by the charism of St. John Baptist De La Salle - is a Catholic Lasallian Institution of learning, committed to provide a human and Christian Education to the young, especially the poor and the marginalized.

Our Vision

A leading Catholic University that inspires excellence and drives innovation towards a just, peaceful, and sustainable society.

Our Mission

To champion the Human and Christian Education of lifelong learners who value history and culture through responsive and inclusive academic, research, and extension programs.

Our Core Values


To look upon anything with the eyes of faith, do anything in view of God and to attribute all to God.

Zeal for Service

The active expression of faith in gospel witness and service, oriented towards the integral salvation of persons, particularly the poor and the marginalized.

Communion in Mission

A relationship for the mission anchored in our relationship with God.

DLSU-D, creating possibilities.