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Center for Admissions and Scholarships

The Center for Admissions and Scholarships (CAS) is responsible for the recruitment, screening, selection and admission of senior high school, college and graduate school applicants interested in pursuing Lasallian education.

The University, through the CAS, extends financial assistance to deserving senior high school and college students funded by the school's general budget as well as donor allocations.

The CAS serves as the channel in ensuring that aids in providing scholarships reach the deserving Lasallian learners who are unique and gifted individuals committed to excellence in order to be of greater service to God and Country.

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How will I know if I am qualified to confirm a slot in the program I am applying for?

  • Once you receive an email of the DLSU-D Notice of Admission you may proceed to the confirmation of slot
  • Once your DLSU-D Admissions Portal account is updated to Step 4: Confirmation, you may then proceed with the instructions for slot confirmation

What is the procedure in confirming a program slot?

Pay the following non-refundable fees after receiving an email of the DLSU-D Notice of Admission.

  • ₱300 application fee and ₱3,500 confirmation fee (for Filipino student applicants – Senior High School, and College applicants)
  • $50 (or ₱2,500) and ₱3,500 confirmation fee for foreign student applicants (for foreign student applicants – Senior High School, and College applicants)
  • For CTP and Graduate School applicants, pay only the non-refundable ₱500 application fee for Filipino student applicants
  • $50 (or ₱2,500) for foreign student applicants

*Send the proof of payment to for the validation of payment and processing of your application.

Until when can we confirm or reserve a program slot?

Confirmation or reservation of slots is on a first-come, first-served basis. Deadline of confirmation will depend on slot availability.

What is the purpose of confirmation fee?

Confirmation fee is used to reserve applicant slot in their chosen program before the enrollment because the available slots are limited.

Does confirmation have an expiration?

The confirmed/reserved slot is valid until the end of enrollment period only. However, the confirmation fee is valid for one school year. If the confirmed student did not pursue his/her enrollment in the first semester, he/she will be allowed to enroll in the second semester of the same school year subject to slot availability and reevaluation.

Do all DLSU-D programs have limited slots?

Yes. All DLSU-D programs have certain projected slots.

For questions about available scholarships in DLSU-D, you may check their page