About DLSU-D

To contact these Offices and Departments,
dial our trunkline at
(02) 8779.5180
(046) 481.1900

 To view the complete list of local numbers, please log on to your portal.

  Center for Student Admissions

Local Number
  CSA Office 3029 / 3030

  College of Business Administration and Accountancy

Local Number
  Office of the Dean 3047
  Graduate Studies 3138
  Accountancy Department 3035
  Allied Business Department 3185
  Business Management Department 3033
  Livelihood & Enterprises Development Center 3184
  Marketing Department 3116
Night College 3277

  College of Criminal Justice Education

Local Number
  Office of the Dean 3077

  College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology

Local Number
  Office of the Dean 3049
  Architecture Department 3208
  Engineering Department 3074
  Graphics and Multimedia Department 3213

  College of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Local Number
  CTHM Office 3089

  Offices and Departments

Local Number
  Aklatang Emilio Aguinaldo - Information Resource Center 3060
  Alumni Association 3036
  Alumni Relations and Placement Office 3161
  Ancillary (Uniform) 3057
  Bahay Pag-Asa 3197
  Buildings and Facilities Maintenance Office 3056
  Campus Ministry Office 3069
  Cavite Studies Center 3141
  Center for Innovative Learning Programs 3280
  Client Care Unit 3246 / 3247
  Cultural Arts Office 3045
  Dormitory 3042
  Faculty Association 3098
  Accounting Office 3201
  Finance and Accounting Office (Student Accounts) 3245
  Advancement and Resource Generation Office 3239
  Accounting Office (Disbursement) 3145
  Campus Sustainability Office 3187
  Corporate and Executive Management Office 3295
  General Services Office 3021
  Heraldo Filipino 3063
  HDT Quality Assurance Office 3219
  Housekeeping 3083
  Human Resource Management Office 3111
  Information and Communications Technology Center 3084
  Information and Communications Technology Center (Helpdesk) 3225
  Information and Communications Technology Center (Portal Inquiry) 3230
  International Students Office 3018
  Kabalikat Office 3053
  Lasallian Community Development Center 3068
  Strategic Communications Office 3031
  Museo de La Salle 3151
  National Service Training Program / Civic Welfare Training Service 3211
  Office of the President 3016
  Office of Student Services 3018
  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academics and Research 3193
  Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services 3212
  Office of the Vice President for Mission and Formation 3017
  Office of the Vice President for Internationalization and External Affairs 3022
  Parents Organization La Salle Cavite 3037
  Corporate and Executive Management Office 3046
  Purchasing Office 3065
  Reserve Officers Training Corps 3096
  Security Office 3279
  Sports Development Office 3196
  Student Development and Activities Office 3019
  OVPIEA - Scholarship Unit 3126
  Student Wellness Center 3054
  University Health Clinic - Main 3039
  University Health Clinic - East 3100
  University Health Clinic - ULS 3132
  University Research Office/ Institutional Ethics Review 3103
  University Lasallian Family Office 3034
  Venue Reservation (Centennial Hal, Salrial Hall, Hotel Rafael, CTHM Coirtyard) 3079
  Venue Reservation (ULS, RCC, Grandstand, Oval, MTH Court, Dormitory) 3263
  Vicissitude Office (Yearbook) 3122