De La Salle University - Dasmariñas is an institution guided by faith, zeal and communion which is part and parcel of the Lasallian brand of education throughout the world.

At DLSU-D, students get to explore their potentials in their specific fields of interests with a curriculum that adheres to standards set by the Commission on Higher Education. With DLSU-D's network of international partners, the courses offered by the University also meet world-class standards.

Set your path and explore your field of interest with DLSU-D's range of undergraduate, masters and PhD programs.

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Interested in a career in business, marketing or accountancy? Be part of the long list of success stories from DLSU-D’s CBAA alumni.


Let DLSU-D’s Education programs help you become an educator with a heart to serve. Learn from the leading Center of Excellence for Education.


With an excellent track record in producing board passers, DLSU-D’s CEAT programs are developing a reputation among the best in the region.

Tourism & Hospitality

Get the best training and exposure for the field of tourism and hospitality management that equips you with the best tools to succeed.

Liberal Arts

Pursue your passion for the Liberal Arts. Embark on a career in communication, psychology and Philosophy and celebrate individuality at CLAC.


If your interest lies in the field of Science and IT, the CSCS fosters your thirst for knowledge, discovery, and invention in your chosen field.

Criminal Justice

Are you set on embarking on a career in law enforcement and public order? DLSU-D’s program offerings will help you achieve your dreams.

Graduate School

Do you want to achieve a higher level of learning? Earn your Masters and Doctorate degrees under the tutelage of DLSU-D's premiere educators.

High School

Get an early start in your field of specialization. Pursue different STEM programs with the Lasallian brand of learning.