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Center for Student Admissions

The Center for Student Admissions (CSA) is responsible for the recruitment, screening, selection, and admission of all incoming students including senior high school, college, and graduate school applicants, transferees, and second-course takers interested in pursuing Lasallian education.

Specifically, the office is responsible for disseminating program offerings to prospective students; facilitating online application, slot confirmation, and document submission; and administering admission tests.

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Admission Calendar

  Academic Year 2023 - 2024

De La Salle University–Dasmariñas will administer DQuEx (DLSU-D Qualifying Exam) for A.Y. 2023-2024 admissions.


July 5, 2023 July 7, 2023 July 17, 2023 July 17-21, 2023
July 12, 2023 July 14, 2023 July 24, 2023 July 24-31, 2023
July 19, 2023 July 21, 2023 July 31, 2023 July 31 - August 4, 2023
July 26, 2023 July 28, 2023 August 7, 2023 August 7, 2023
August 2, 2023 August 4, 2023 TBA TBA


July 5, 2023 July 7, 2023 July 17, 2023 July 17-21, 2023
July 12, 2023 July 14, 2023 July 24, 2023 July 24-31, 2023
July 19, 2023 July 21, 2023 July 31, 2023 July 31 - August 4, 2023
July 26, 2023 July 28, 2023 August 7, 2023 August 7, 2023
**Note: Kindly refer to DLSU-D Admissions portal for updates.
  • Note: Additional DQuEx schedules may be set as the need arises.

  • DQuEx = DLSU-D Qualifying Exam

  Term 1 / A.Y. 2023-2024


ONLINE DLSU-D Student Admissions Test (DSAT) Schedules 9:00 a.m.

Admission Procedure


How do we apply for admission in DLSU-D? What are the requirements for admission?

Please refer to the Admission Procedures

I forgot the login details of my DLSU-D Admissions Portal account, how can I retrieve it?

Send us an email with the applicant’s complete name and application ID number at

When is the start of the application?

Please refer to the Admissions Calendar.

Do you have entrance examination?

At the moment, DQuEx (DLSU-D Qualifying Examination) has been canceled in support of the government’s quarantine measures to manage the spread of COVID-19, and to ensure the safety of our student applicants and the Lasallian community.

How much is the application fee and slot confirmation fee?

  Please refer to the admission procedures.

What are the requirements for foreign student applicants?

  •   DLSU-D application form
  •   Photocopy / scanned copy of Passport, ACR or I-Card
  •   Photocopy / scanned copy of Student Visa or SSP used in previous school
  •   Certificate of Good Moral Character
  •   Transcript of Records or Certificate of Grades from previous academic year
  •   Transfer Credentials / Honorable Dismissal (for transfer applicants)
  •   Letter of intent to transfer (for transfer applicants)

For more details, please click this link

Is there a deadline in paying the application fee and/or confirmation fee?

We haven't set a deadline for the payment of application fee and confirmation fee. But the earlier you pay, the better and higher likelihood to secure a slot. Please be reminded that the slot confirmation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Is there a grade requirement for admission?

None. Student applicants must pass the DQuEx (DLSU-D Qualifying Examination) and/or the evaluation of the Center for Student Admissions and the respective college department.

When do you the start of the school year and what is the academic term of DLSU-D?

Academic Term: Semestral
Academic Term Semestral
First Semester August – December
Second Semester January – May
Special Term June – July

Do you offer Junior High School?

DLSU-D doesn’t offer Junior High School. The University offers Senior High School, College, and Graduate School programs.

Do you accept transfer students in Senior High School?

DLSU-D doesn’t accept repeater of Grade 11 or transfer applicants in Senior High School.

Do you accept DepEd SHS Voucher and ESC Grant for incoming Senior High School? How much will be deducted from the tuition fee? Can we use the voucher as our first payment upon enrollment?

We accept Qualified Voucher Recipients (QVRs) from DepEd public schools and Junior High School completers who are ESC grantees from private schools. The amount of the voucher shall be deducted from the student’s account at the end of every semester. Hence, it cannot be used as an initial payment upon enrollment.

Do you accept completers of Alternative Learning System?

Yes. Completers of Alternative Learning System must have passed the A & E Test and submitted their Certificate of Rating/Certificate of Eligibility to enroll in high school or college.

How will I know if I am qualified to confirm a slot in the program I am applying for?

  To know your admission status, log in to your DLSU-D Admissions Portal account after three (3) working days upon submission of the online application.

What is the procedure in confirming a program slot?

  Student applicants with a status of Step 4: Confirmation in their DLSU-D Admissions Portal account shall proceed with the payment of the application fee and confirmation fee (non-refundable and non-transferable fees).

  • ₱4,000 for Filipino student applicants – Senior High School, and College applicants
  • $130 (or P6,500) for foreign student applicants – College applicants
  • ₱600 for Filipino student applicants – CTP and Graduate School applicants
  • $80 (or ₱4,000) for foreign student applicants – CTP and Graduate School applicants

*Refer to your Admission Account for the payment instructions.

Select your final preferred program then upload the proof of payment on your DLSU-D Admissions Portal account for the validation of payment and processing of your application/slot confirmation.

Until when can we confirm or reserve a program slot?

Confirmation or reservation of slots is on a first-come, first-served basis. Deadline of confirmation will depend on slot availability.

What is the purpose of confirmation fee?

Confirmation fee is used to reserve applicant slot in their chosen program before the enrollment because the available slots are limited.

Does confirmation have an expiration?

The confirmed/reserved slot is valid until the end of enrollment period only. However, the confirmation fee is valid for one school year. If the confirmed student did not pursue his/her enrollment in the first semester, he/she will be allowed to enroll in the second semester of the same school year subject to slot availability and reevaluation.

Do all DLSU-D programs have limited slots?

Yes. All DLSU-D programs have certain projected slots.
For questions about available scholarships in DLSU-D, you may check their
 web page.