Gawad Parangal

This category of DLSU-D Gawad Caviteño seeks to recognize entrepreneurs who propelled their business ventures into a venue for community growth and development, thus creating significant impact in Cavite's socioeconomic growth. It hopes to find entrepreneurs who display a deep commitment to turn their business into an instrument of progress and not merely a means for earning profits.

Who are qualified to be nominated for Gawad Caviteño?

The candidates eligible for nomination should meet the following criteria and provide the supporting documents required.
  • Of Filipino origin and a native of Cavite.
  • Also qualified are those born in Cavite who now lives outside the province or elsewhere in the Philippines or abroad, or a Caviteño/Caviteña by affinity or by migration. There is no residence requirement.
  • Not related either by affinity or consanguinity to the first degree to employees of DLSU-Dasmariñas
  • Has not been awarded any national or international recognitions.
  • Must have exemplary morality and integrity in both public and private life.
  • Nominee's business is registered in the Philippines, has its main office located in Cavite.
  • The nominee's business has been under operation for at least five (5) years and is managed by the nominee.
  • Holds at least 20% of the business' capital share.
  • Must have significant achievements or services for the growth and development of the society, specifically in Cavite, through the business enterprise (e.g. provided jobs, raised the standard of living of the people in the community, etc).
  • A living model of the values and beliefs cherished by the Lasallian community: selfless service to his community, promotion of justice and peace, concern for the poor, commitment to excellence in his area of endeavour, a strong Christian faith, and the spirit of zeal as manifested in his compassionate attitude and caring behaviour towards his fellowmen.
  • Certification by the Barangay Captain or the Municipal Mayor
  • Birth Certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Write-up of nominee's history and accomplishments as an entrepreneur.
  • Business Registration - (photocopy of pages showing DTI or SEC certificate, nature of business, and capital sources)
  • Company logo
  • Other supporting materials such as newspaper articles, photos, certificates of memberships, trainings, seminars, speakerships, community involvement, and the like.

Who can nominate?

  • Individuals, civic, or professional groups (e.g. Rotary Club, Kiwanis, Lions, Cavite Medical Society, alumni associations, etc.)
  • Private and government schools, colleges, or universities
  • Local government units or religious groups