Gawad Parangal

This category of DLSU-D Gawad Caviteño seeks to recognize the hard work, excellence, and dedication of public school teachers in Cavite. The award will be given to two recipients, one from the elementary level and another from secondary.

The search takes inspiration from the ways of St. John Baptist de La Salle – the patron saint of teachers. It hopes to find teachers who display a deep commitment to teach minds, touch hearts, and transform lives, especially those of the youth of Cavite. The search ultimately hopes to motivate teachers to work in achieving their optimum potential for professional growth for the province of Cavite and for the nation as a whole.

Who are qualified to be nominated for Gawad Caviteño?

The candidates eligible for nomination should meet the following criteria and provide the supporting documents required.
  • Of Filipino origin and a native of Cavite.
  • Also qualified are those born in Cavite who now lives outside the province or elsewhere in the Philippines or abroad, or a Caviteño/Caviteña by affinity or by migration. There is no residence requirement.
  • Has not been awarded any national or international recognitions.
  • Not related either by affinity or consanguinity to the first degree to employees of DLSU-Dasmariñas
  • Model of morality both in public and private life. Evidence of good human relations in the school and in the community. (10%)
  • Teaching competence and effectiveness. (15%)
  • Educational attainment and professional advancement. (15%)
  • Creativity and commitment in the improvement of instruction. (15%)
  • Excellence in the practice of profession. (15%)
  • Commitment to professional advancement (20%)
  • Community Service (10%)
  • Certification by the Barangay Captain or the Municipal Mayor
  • Birth Certificate
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of recommendation from the school head or head teacher.
  • Two one-page testaments from school head or co-teachers stating the personal qualities and character of the nominee.
  • Certified performance evaluation results for the past three years
  • Transcript of Records (including graduate studies, photocopy only)
  • Portfolio of instructional materials and creative outputs for the past three years.
  • Research outputs for the last three years. (Photocopy of the abstract should be submitted)
  • Photocopy of certificates and/or pictures of medals and plaques as evidence for the awards received in the practice of profession for the past three years
  • Photocopy of certificates as evidence of active participation in seminars/workshops/trainings for the past three years.
  • Certificate of membership (or the most recent ID) to show membership in professional organization/s.
  • Certificates to show membership in co-curricular activities
  • Certificate or other documents to show involvement in community, religious and civic movements.

Who can nominate?

  • School principal
  • School head
  • Head teacher
  • Teacher-in-charge