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Environmental Policies

DLSU-D is at the forefront of creating policies to establish the framework of the University's sustainable initiatives. The University continues to conduct studies and researches to craft policies and institutionalize efforts to protect and conserve the environment.


  • The DLSU-D Environment Policy: ban on smoking, ban on single use plastics and plastic straw inside campus, anti-smoke belching, ban on styropor products, ban on fireworks, policy on the use of trees for exhibit presentations, and the Clean as You Go Policy.
  • Waste Minimization Policy for Cafeteria Concessionaires
  • No Idling Policy
  • Storage and Disposal of Used Streamers
  • Policy on Purchase of Chemical Products and Services and Other Hazardous Substances
  • Ecosystem Services Fee To Vehicle Sticker Application and Transport Service Providers
  • Policy on Shredding of Confidential Documents and Records
  • Policy on Proper Disposal of Medical Waste during the Pandemic

University Guidelines

  • Guidelines for the Acquisition and Maintenance of Bulletin Boards
  • Guidelines in the Conduct of Official University Meetings (Green Meetings)
  • Safety Guidelines during Construction and Renovation of Buildings
  • Guidelines on the Green Certification of Student Activities
  • Guidelines on the Use of Bicycles at DLSU-D
  • Guidelines in Handling Stray and Feral Animals
  • Guidelines for Stall/Booth Exhibitors during Trade Fairs