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Water Management

 Water Management

DLSU-D actively advocates for the proper management of water resources by crafting programs and integrating sustainable practices in education, operationsm, and policies.

DLSU-D Sewage Treatment Plant

A centralized sewage treatment plant (STP) was constructed to process wastewater and use this to water the University's greens, reducing the cost in water consumption, save precious groundwater and prevent water pollution.

The activated sludge process, which involves the biological action of the continuously cultured bacteria in the mixed liquor and wastewater in the presence of air or oxygen is utilized by the STP. The activated sludge portion is separated from the treated wastewater in the succeeding treatment unit (settling tank) and for its subsequent return or recirculation to the aeration tank via sludge hopper where the slid sludge down and back to the aeration tank.

The STP was developed by DLSU-D in response to the passage of Republic Act 9275 otherwise known as the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004.

Partnerships with local water sanitation programs. DLSU-D works in partnership with DILG as CaLaBaRZon Water and Sanitation (WatSan) Hub. The project centers on working with communities and government agencies for the development and implementation of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) programs.

The Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) has requested for funding for the repair and maintenance of the STP along with the purchase of a cistern to boost the University's water recycling program.

A Pollution Control Officer has also been appointed to oversee the University's compliance to environmental policies set by the government.

Water Testing and Monitoring

The University's concessionaire regularly conducts microbiological testing of the water supply and provides certification on its safety.

Water Conservation Measures

The University policy on watering plants is implemented from 7-9 am and 4-6 pm only. Toilets are also now using dual flush toilets to minimize consumption of water. This measure allows the University to prevent unnecessary waste of the resource thorughout the day.

DLSU-D Lake Monthly Monitoring

Monthly monitoring of the physical and chemical parameters of the lake water as well as regular cleaning and removal of leaves and other trash are regularly conducted as part of maintenance and management.

VERDE Gardening: Water Conservation

The VERTtical Drip Ecological (VERDE) gardening is among the advocacies of the One Million Trees and Beyond Movement to promote green spaces for gardening in an urban setting. One of its components is water conservation.