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Webinar set for Climate Education

October 23, 2020 | By Environmental Resource Management Center

Season of Creation 2020

Climate reality leaders from LCDC and DLSU-D High School joined forces to conduct a two-part private Climate Education event for DLSU-D High School faculty members.

Marlon Cartera Pareja, Lorenzo Joncent Centino Jr, Frederick Lucky Godinez, Mayeth Deligan Gochuico, Ron Angeles, Alyssa Karen Acal and John Montuya, led the initiative.

The first part is a webinar entitled “Teach for the Earth: Climate Education in the High School Curriculum” scheduled on October 26, 2020; 1:00pm -3:00pm via MS Teams. The goal of the webinar is to strengthen high school faculty members' capacities to promote climate education, and integrate scientific and local content on climate in the curriculum.