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Endemic and Indigenous Trees in DLSU-D

September 7, 2014 | By Green Architecture and Environment Management Office

Endemic and Indigenous Trees in DLSU-D

DLSU-D provides a unique learning environment with a microclimate that is 2 degrees lower than the temperature outside its walls owing to the rich biodiversity inside the University's 27- hectare campus.

Greening the Campus and Beyond

As of the first half of 2014, 1,398 trees have been planted within the campus with a total of 64 varieties, ranging from indigenous species like narra, kamagong and ipil ipil; tropical species like the jade vine and canistel; exotic plants like Tree of Heaven and Yellowbell, as well as fruit bearing trees like mango, avocado, sampaloc and langka.

African Tulip Anabiong Aratilis/Aratiles
Atis Avocado Babao
Balete Banaba Bangkal
Bayakbayukan Benguet Pine Bignay
Bitaog Black wattle/Manguim Breadfruit
Calamansi Callos Champaka
Chico Citrus Duhat
Earleaf acacia Eucalyptus tree Ficus
Fire Tree Gmelina Golden Shower
Guava Guyabano Hawili
Indian mango Ilang-ilang Imbabao
Indian guava Indian Lanutan Ipil Ipil
Jackfruit/Langka Jade vine Kalachuchi
Kamagong Kamias Katmon
Lumbang Macanya Macaranga
Macopa Mahogany Mango
Narra Neem tree Palosanto
Pili Rain tree Rambutan
Sampaloc Sandbox tree Santol
Star Apple Talisay Taluto
Terminalia Tiessa/Canistel Tree of Heaven